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Systém elektronických informací o EU zajišťovaný Evropským dokumentačním centrem v univerzitní knihovně v Tartu

Sekce: Informační zdroje a služby ve světle vstupu České republiky do Evropské unie
Autor: Ruth Tammeorg, Tartu University Library; Estonsko 
Plný text (PDF)
Abstrakt: Since 1998, the European Documentation Centre (EDC) acts as the supporting centre for informing the public of South Estonia of the issues of the European Union. To fulfil our tasks we have developed Electronic EU Information Service - a continuously supplemented data set of questions and answers, which is accessible via the Internet from all over the world. Electronic EU Information Service is operating under the guidance of the EDC at Tartu University Library since the autumn of 1999, it can be found on the web page

Although the Internet supplies more and more information free of charge, and seemingly, everything can be found, the users still cannot always find necessary facts without the help of information specialists. Besides, the EU subject area is enormous and rather specific, thus, some concrete questions can be answered only by a few specialists.

Questions received by Electronic EU Information Service can be divided into different classes:

  • According to the subjects - 547 different questions have been asked by 31.Dec 2002, mostly concerning the problems of education, the extension of the EU and integration, EU institutions, economy, social politics, agriculture and legislation.
  • Estonia and the EU - 33% of all questions related to Estonia were concerned with the processes and changes that would be evoked in different spheres of life, such as social politics and social work, agriculture, education, regional development, etc. by Estonia's joining of the EU.
About 60% of questions were about finding information sources for specific fields of EU activities or for EU standards.

Complexity of questions

  • Easier questions, the answers to which could easily be found over the Internet or from other sources by the inquirers, who have still needed some help (15%). E.g. What countries belong to the EU? What images can be found on Euro notes?
  • Questions requesting for opinions or evaluation and the so-called political questions (8%). E.g. Which is at present the most urgent problem related to Estonia's integration into the EU?
  • Questions requiring answers by specialists (77%).
  • questions requiring answers from information specialists, e.g. Which EU Directive specifies requirements to the percentage of sulphur in the fuel for sea transport? I would like to get information concerning the spider species mentioned in the 1. Appendix to the EU Directive on dwellings?
  • questions requiring answers by professionals, e.g. What is the essence of Luxembourg compromise?
  • questions requiring answers by the specialists working at Estonian government agencies, e.g. How would the expected financial support for grain farmers be calculated in case Estonia joins the EU?
The EU Information Service has become the mediator between Estonian government agencies and other authorities and the members of the public, who need information.
O autoru: Personal:
Nationality: Estonian
Date of Birth: 25th of February 1961
Place of Birth: Tamsalu, Estonia

1979-1984 Tartu University, Estonia; Faculty of Mathematics; Diploma (BA) Mathematics
1976-1979 Viljandi Secondary School No.1

Work experience

April 2000-present Tartu University EDC; EDC librarian.
April 2000-present the State Chancellery of the Republic of Estonia project “From Tartu University EDC for Estonian General Public”; project manager.
April 2000-present Tartu County European Information Centre; acting manager
1998-2000 Tartu County European Information Centre; consultant: informed, explained, promoted EU issues.
Since 1998 teach a course "Resources of Scientific Information in Economics" which is a part of undergraduate students' compulsory course "Research Methods" in the Tartu University Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.
Since 1995 teach undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Department of Economics and Business Administration of Tartu University in finding information in computer databases.
1996 the Information Department was renamed the Information and European Documentation Department, since this time I work as a consultant in European official documentation in the European Documentation Centre (EDC).
Since 1992 I have been doing library user training courses.
Since 1990 Information Department; subject librarian in economics.
1986 began in Tartu University Library, Department of Scientific Bibliography as bibliographer. Promoted to Information Department in 1987


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