13th Conference on Professional Information Resources

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Web Search Update and World 2.0

Session coordinator: Martin Lhoták, Main Library of the Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

Where: 24. 5. 2007, 8.30 - 12.00, New Auditorium

How to Search and FIND – Deep Indexing of Figures and Tables

Autor: Helle Lauridsen, ProQuest CSA, United Kingdom



A full-text search will retrieve records based on text in the captions of figures and tables, but not text which is part of a figure or table image (i.e. tables not constructed with HTML tagging). More importantly, full-text searches cannot be limited to figure or table captions (i.e. cannot be used to create targeted searches). As a result, a full-text search for "oxygen uptake" will identify a huge number of irrelevant, or at least general, articles because the search is looking at words anywhere in the full text, even the cited references. If you want to ensure that the research reflected in a publication actually focussed on "oxygen uptake", a full-text search would be of minimal value. Moreover, if "oxygen uptake" was only displayed within a figure within an axis caption, the full-text search would miss those articles, which by definition, are exactly the articles you need.

About author:

Helle Lauridsen Technology Manager CSA, Educated at the Royal Danish School of Librarianship. Librarian first at the University Aarhus department of Chemistry, where journals and fast and efficient access to these plays a very big role, then later as head of Serials at the State and University of Aarhus from 2000-2005 where I succeeded moving the main University Library as well as the 50+ departmental libraries at Aarhus University from print subscriptions to online. Chair of the Danish Serials Group, on the editorial board of Library Collections, Acquisitions, and Technical Services Professional as well as personal interest in promoting online accessibility and user friendliness.

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