13th Conference on Professional Information Resources

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European Digital Library and Similar Projects Worldwide

Session coordinator: Adolf Knoll, National Library of the Czech Republic

Where: 23. 5. 2007, 8.30 - 12.00, New Auditorium

A Brief Analysis of Digital Resource Developments and Services in National Library of China and the National Digital Library Project

Autor: Wei Dawei, National Library of China



In this paper, the author introduces the digital library resource developments and services as well as the progress of the National Digital Library Project, introduces the forms and contents of digital resources developed in the National Library of China, describes the services for lower-level public libraries and the readers of NLC in recent years, and finally discusses information resource lifecycle management and requirements for the general system architecture according to the plan of the China National Digital Library Project.

About author:

I serve in Automation department, National Library of China as the director. My main work is the maintenance of NLC IT infrastructure and the management of digital resources. I have been in NLC since1999. I am accomplished in the management of SOLARIS, AIX, LINUX and network security. I was certificated in CCNP and OCP. I am also involved in the National Digital Library Project of China for the technical cooperation specialized in automatic system expansion, server system and network security, also taking part in SAN storage extension, digital resources gateway, website management system. After finish to access CNGI (China Next Generation Internet),I implement the virtual digital library base on CNGI ,and set up the digital library grid node in NLC. I also design the plan of wireless LAN accessing in NLC, and build the platform of reader integration information services. I release many digital resources made by NLC on internet with my colleague, such as Chinese studies, New Year Pictures, oracles, Xixia Materials. The readers can explore these on the internet freely. I am interested in digital library research and become the principal in some studies. The research includes "a study on load balance of NLC web application", "design and implementation of high availability oracle database used in NLC integration system". I also attend the project "web information collection and preservation". Based on the findings of my studies, I published several ar

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