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Enriching Research Sources With Market Intelligence Solutions. Case Study of Passport Database


Laura Kugiene, Euromonitor International, Lithuania


Maksim Buslovic / Euromonitor International, Lithuania

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The presentation will focus on discussion of what kind of research sources and references are used in typical student academic work and evaluating if this could be further enriched by modern solutions. As a case study we will review the Euromonitor International database Passport, present some current trends, new modules, pros and cons of using such research type for academic purposes.

Passport is a global market research database providing insight on industries, economies and consumers worldwide. World’s top academic institutions and fortune 500 companies use Passport to understand the global business environment. The database supports teaching and research across the range of disciplines, including economics, social studies, humanities, international relations and many others.

Passport helps to investigate how consumers live, factors influencing lifestyle choices and population changes; analyze industry sectors, country markets and companies using research from analysts around the world; identify links between economic indicators and their connection with demographic, income and expenditure analysis.

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Mrs. Laura Kugiene is Client Development Executive at Euromonitor International. She is in charge of Universities, Libraries, Science and Technology parks within 13 countries in Europe.

Prior to that, Mrs. Kugiene for 3 years served as a teacher in three different public schools. She is a holder of bachelor degree of sociology in one of the oldest and famous universities in Central and Eastern Europe – Vilnius University.

In addition, Laura Kugiene is a member of Teach for All organization, participant of international conferences and exchange programs on environment protection, social inequality, poverty topics.

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