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Connect, Collect, Collaborate: Join Us As We Create the International Bibliography of Discographies


Filip Šír, National Museum, Czech Republic


Peter Laurence, Eda Kuhn / Loeb Music Library, Harvard University, United States

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The IASA Discography Committee is continuing its work on the online International Bibliography of Discographies – connecting members of institutions with private collectors, and collecting information about worldwide discographic work in all languages. Collaboration is key in building the Bibliography, and we already benefit from a network of partners who share our goals for such a resource – peer associations, memory institutions, individual collectors, and discographers. The first version of the Bibliography will be available on the IASA website by mid-2017. With entries submitted by our team and by members of our international network, it covers current and out-of-print discographies published in book, article, CD-ROM, database and website formats. We have focused on bibliography due to the need for a full multi-lingual, international survey of discographies. But we are also creating a stored archive of digital (pdf) versions of complete works which will be linked to their corresponding entries in the Bibliography.

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Filip Šír, National Museum, Czech Republic Filip Šír joined the National Museum in Prague, Czech Republic in 2015 after his work for The Moravian Library in Brno, when he established Moravian Library’s sound digitization lab with specialization to shellac and vinyl discs. Now, he is building new sound labs for National Museum and also preparing a digitisation strategy of sound documents. In cooperation with private collector Gabriel Gössel, Filip published a discography about first Czech record label company ESTA. There is a new publication on its way focused on sound industry Recorded Sound in Czech Lands 1900–1946. Further, together with colleagues from Brno, he prepared a recommendation on digitizing gramophone records for Czech memory institutions. Filip cooperates with Masaryk University in Brno where he leads collecting information on old sound recordings collections in Czech Republic and Slovakia. The aim is to incorporate them into the Virtual National Phonotheque portal. Besides, he leads the group of people dealing with issues of audio documents in Czech Republic. Filip is kind of pathfinder of sound documents preservation in his country.

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