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Shaping the Acquisition Practice at the CTU


Daniela Nová, Czech Technical University in Prague - Central Library, Czech Republic


Tereza Šorejsová, Helena Kováříková / CTU in Prague - Central Library, Czech Republic

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Social, technological and communicational changes have a strong impact on changes in education and research cycle of the university, and thus influence the roles and services of the university library.

Changes in user behaviour (both, information and publishing behaviour), changes in information literacy and research skills of the university user community imply changes in the requirements and needs for information support. Its identification is an essential key for successful and exact acquisition and subsequently for the implementation of user-centred services for our users.

Based on practical experiences we would like to focus our paper on the comparison of traditional and new methods and ways of providing information sources at the university, including usage of different acquisition tools (GOBI, Patron Drive Acquisition, organizing sale exhibitions of publications by key publishers, Acquisition On Demand, exhibition of books by key publishers in engineering, use of information available in the CTU information systems, e.g. recommended literature). Furthermore we would like to focus on the effects on the change of collection structure with regard to electronic sources and electronic lending, their organisation, processing and ways of accessing (access from one point, having sources in the catalogue, which we don’t have permanently purchased, how to deal with Open Access sources). Last but not least we want to mention the impact of changes in the collection structure on budget allocation and the importance of usage statistics.

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Daniela Nová works at the Collection development department of the CTU Central Library. She contributes to the development of the acquisition concept policy and coordinated acquisition. Her specialisation is the acquisition of printed books, electronic sources, implementation and the use of new acquisition tools and services. She guarantees the exhibitions of printed and electronic books

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