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Linking and Cooperation of Information, Computer and Communication Technologies - the Essential Sources of Information for Compilation of the Thesaurus


Alena Zuzánková, Pulp and Paper Research Institute, Slovakia


Peter Medo / Pulp and Paper Research Institute, Inc., Slovakia

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Linking of the modern information, computer and communication technologies related to the preparation of complex information material – Thesaurus – significantly affect workflows with the whole set up terminology in terms of spent time to prepare and in terms of the required quality of information materials.

A thesaurus is a means to improve the organization of knowledge in the art for their subsequent search on the basis of mutual ties marked in a hierarchical structure. Information material of this kind supports take care of the correct terminology in the field of science in the preparation of study documents and information retrieval research tasks and projects.

The openness of the system managed dictionary – Thesaurus and application of appropriate software programs allow you to keep up to date, including their dates of ties. Thesaurus is thus shifted between information materials suitable for the preparation of the new research and projects tasks and also as material for better orientation in terminology for beginning workers or outside experts pulp and paper issues.

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Ing. Alena Zuzánková graduated from Slovak Technical University, Bratislava, Department of Wood, Pulp and Paper, worked as a researcher at VÚPC. Later, after additional training in information activities with a focus on computer and electronic processing of scientific and technical information was preparing research and study materials for researchers and the other users of information. Currently is a leader the Department of Scientific and Technical Information. Outside normal information and library activities, along with a team builds its own data base, which is one of the bases on prepare pulp paper Thesaurus.

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