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Senior Citizens Write Wikipedia


Petra Pejšová, Wikimedia Czech Republic, Czech Republic


Vojtěch Dostál, Wikimedia Czech Republic Gabriela Boková, Wikimedia Czech Republic

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Wikipedia is historically the largest encyclopedia in history. This year, the Czech Wikipedia celebrated fifteen years since its inception. To support bigger and better content of this largest online encyclopedia ever, the association Wikimedia CR organize an education programs across different target groups. Wikipedia is currently writing not only by students, but also by the elderly. The education program “Senior citizens write Wikipedia” has a goal to capture seniors in using and also editing Wikipedia. Currently seniors are minority editors on Wikipedia even though just them have a great potential to enrich Wikipedia content thanks their rich experience and knowledge. Wikipedie could be new platform how eldery can give their knowledge to younger generation. This program initiated long-time Wikipedian professor Jan Sokol in autumn 2013.

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Petra Pejšová is executive director of the association Wikimedia Czech Republic since 2017, which provides logistical and financial support for the organization of projects that help improve and promote the Czech Wikipedia and other Wikimedia Foundation projects. Petra Pejšová graduated in Information Science and Librarianship at the Charles University in Prague. Professionally, she has been involved in projects aimed at increasing access to digital data and documents with related topics – grey literature, digitizing and open access. She is a member of the Czech team which is working for the promotion of free Creative Commons licenses.

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