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Memory of Nations


Mikuláš Kroupa, Post Bellum, Czech Republic

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Mikuláš Kroup (bron 1975) is a journalist, publicist, screenwriter, filmmaker, and director of the NGO of Post Bellum and “Paměť národa” project. He is the co-author of many books including “Cruel century”, “In communism, we did not want to live”, ”We did not give up”, “From Munich to war”, “Yet we are at war”, “They said no to the devil”, “Stories of the 20th century heroes” and others. Kroupa is one of the more publicly known journalists and filmmakers, primarily through his involvement in projects of “Stories of the 20th Century” and “The memory of the nation”. He is focused on creating documentaries using oral history methods.

In 2001 Kroupa founded the NGO of Post Bellum and in 2008 he co-founded an international project known as Memory of Nations (Paměť národa). With colleagues from Post Bellum, he has collected more than five thousand testimonies. “Paměť národa” collection is the nation's largest Internet accessible collection of authentic 20th century testimonies (memories of witnesses) in Europe.

Kroupa graduated from the Higher School of Journalism in Prague and since 1997 he has been professionally focused on radio journalism. He works with Radiožurnál (best Czech public radio station), has collaborated with Czech Radio broadcasting (later known as “Radio Plus”), and worked on a team of an international service of the Czech Radio (called Radio Prague). Between 2004 –2006, Kroupa worked as a reporter for the BBC World Service. For the Czech Radio, Mikuláš works as a director, screenwriter, editor and moderator of the radio documentary series “Stories of the 20th century”.

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