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Jan Mottl, AiP Safe Ltd., Czech Republic

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At the time of responding to the Call for papers, the author believed that the public procurement for „Ensuring the sustainability of the National Digital Library“ would be concluded before the conference. It was not, and as it seems from other sectors, it is nothing unusual.

Never mind, we will make an inventory instead – statistics of how many AIPs with monographs and periodicals have been successfully stored over the years since 2012, how much space they occupy, what formats do the include, where do all SIPs come from.

Also some news about future developments and good news on electronic publications.

Author's professional CV

Jan Mottl (b. 1959) graduated from the Czech Technical University in Prague, specialized in technical cybernetics. In 1991 he was co-founder of ICOME Ltd., the company focused on the introduction of CD-ROM technology to the Czechoslovak market. He was responsible for the project implementation in this company.

After transformation of ICOME Ltd. into Albertina icome Praha Ltd. in 1995 he became the Chief Financial Officer of the new company. In 1999 a company AiP Safe Ltd. was detached from Albertina icome Praha Ltd. and Albertina icome Praha Ltd. document management and document long-term preservation activities were moved into this new company. He is currently AiP Safe Ltd. chief executive and managing director.

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