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Digital Humanities: New Ways of Understanding and Exploring Our History


Chris Houghton, Gale, A Cengage Company, United Kingdom

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„History repeats itself because nobody was listening the first time“ Anonymous

Why did Brexit happen? What factors led to the election of Donald Trump? What can we expect to happen to our economies after the global financial crisis?

Digital Humanities is an evolving, modern discipline; combining the rigour and tools of computer science and statistical analysis with the unparalleled window on history given to us by an examination of primary sources.

As the world leader in digitising rare and valuable primary source collections around the world, Gale is in a unique position to offer unmatched access to the world's great research libraries. By combining an archive of over 250 million titles with the latest sophisticated research tools and an open data policy, Gale aims to help Digital Humanitarians and modern scholars advance their scholarship and answer the questions posed by our modern world.

This talk will showcase some primary source archives with real relevance to Eastern Europe and explain Gale's Digital Humanities offering to any institution aiming to develop in this new and exciting area.

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Chris Houghton is Head of International Training at Gale International. Having spent a career in the publishing industry, Chris is passionate about helping customers derive maximum value from their products by using them to advance research and teaching.

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