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Functions of Metadata and Metainformation for Utilization of e-information Resources in the Conditions of the Contemporary "Big Data"


Dušan Šoltés, Comenius University in Bratislava - Faculty of Management, Slovakia

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This presentation deals with some basic concepts of the metadata and metainformation as a specific kind of data-information which describe some other (object) data and information. It focuses on their definition, role and possibilities of their utilization in the conditions of the contemporary modern worldwide information resources. The metadata and metainfrmation as a content of the modern metainfrmation systems are helping to solve the growing problems how to find and identify where and what kind of data and information are available within the existing massive e-data and e-information resources within the existing and permanently growing so-called „Big data“.

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Prof. Soltes has been working as a regular university profesor at the Faculty of Management, Comenius University of Bratislava, Slovakia. There he has been also a Director of the e-Europe R&D Centre being specialized especially in the EU funded projects regarding ICT/IST related programs since year 2000 (for more details visit: // and for the PhD. studies program in the same specialization. In addition to his duties at the Comenius University he has been a Visiting Professor at several universities in the EU member states, the USA (University of Pittsburgh) and China (UIBE Beijing), etc. Before joining his current university he was working as a resercher for the SPEV – State Programme of Economic Research in the area of computerization of the Governmental IS for the former Czecho-Slovakia and as a UN Senior & Training Expert for several UN agencies (UNDTCD, ILO, ITU, ECE, ESCAP, etc.) on the long-term status and as a founding director of the Department of the European Integration and Coordinator of the Council of Government for integration of the Slovak Republic into the EU at the Office of the Prime Minister of the SR.

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