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Content Curating as a Way to Promote Interesting Resources


Michal Černý, Masaryk University - Faculty of Arts - Division of Information and Library Studies, Czech Republic

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Curating content is one of the more interesting options nontraditional work with content and themes. While in the case of normal access to resources through databases to the user to assess the interest and relevance of the document itself formulate an adequate search queries and the theme from the beginning itself worked. Curating content allows for relatively easy and interesting ways often not very popular and well advertised sources show and make wider or professional community.

For the creation of curatorial texts or collections may be an information specialist, an expert on the topic (but it would be helpful fundamental insight into the topic), but must be able to especially effective searching, contextualization and presentation of information. In this paper we attempt to show some options, tools and approaches that similar work with content enable and try it outline certain important complementary service to digital libraries that are – unfortunately still – primarily a repository of digitized or digital data and not libraries in the modern sense.

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Michal Černý works as a teacher at the Department of Information and Library Studies at the Faculty of Arts, which has been systematically technologies in education and libraries, information science and Information Education. It is the guarantor Masters honors technology in education.

Lecturing university courses Educational Technology, Educational Technology Laboratory, Methodist ICT, Information systems in education, Information society, Course work with information and Digital competencies.

He is the author of several books (Digital Information curatorship in the educational context, Webinars education: pedagogical and didactic aspects, Information such as an anthropological phenomenon, 12 Trends in Czech software economy: technological, economic, social and ethical aspects of ICT) and several hundred papers, which topics of technology, education and information.

We also want to show how this activity can have an impact on information education, cooperation with educational institutions or to support the education of its users in the library and beyond.

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