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Digital Sound Recordings Library for the Blind


Norbert Végh, Matej Hrebenda Slovak Library for the Blind in Levoča, Slovakia


Jan Krištof / Štátna vedecká knižnica Košice, Slovakia

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Slovak library for the blind of Matej Hrebenda in Levoča (SKN) enabled to its readers access to the playback application of digitized gramophone records.

Application allows to users with disabilities an access to the services of State scientific library (ŠVK) in Košice. Within this service ŠVK provided 4677 digitalized gramophone records, including more than 41000 recordings of classical, popular and folk music, spoken word or fairy tales. Windows application allows off-line listening to audio recordings, with possibility to search by title, artist or year of publication.

Application uses Play Ready technology from Microsoft, which protects recordings from unauthorized use, through the licence for a particular user's computer. As the licenses expire after a year of downloading, we can speak about digital borrowings. Through the Windows store, we can instal this Windows application for free.

Program for playback of digitalized gramophone records also includes a shortKeys, and it's optimized for the blind. Legitimate users have an access to digitalized gramophone records by the same name and password, which use for an access to other services of digital library.

In cooperation with State scientific library in Košice, this year we want to provide another thousands of records to expand a digital sound recordings library. A piece of news For users of mobil devices iOS and Android will be a new mobil application for playback of digitized gramophone records.

Author's professional CV

Author of presentation, Norbert Végh, graduated comenius university in Bratislava, Faculty of mathematic, physic and Informatics in 1990. Since 1996 he works in Slovak Library of Matej Hrebenda for blind in Levoča, and since 2007, He is an administrator of digital library and website SKn in Levoča. He deals with an accessibility of websites and mobil applications. In the past, at the conference Inforum, he presented projects Digital library and management information system for libraries – MIS LIB.

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