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Information Education Towards Inclusion


Jindra Planková, Silesian University in Opava - Faculty of Philosophy and Science in Opava - The Institute of Computer Science, Czech Republic

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Information education is a school system combies comprehensive and formative learning processes, the ability of individuals to search, process, evaluatce and use Information available through Information and communication technologies and methods. The fundamental element the education is people's awareness of potentiality of Information and related sources, including the ability to use these information sources.

The modern human society is going through a globalization, culture's linking, and basic changes and faces many challenges. In the information education field is one of the challenges the concept of inclusion, for which is typical the efforts of emergence the new information society on which life is enjoyed by all people without exceptions. Effective implementation of inclusion in education system is dependent on many variables and requires teamwork of teachers, counselors, parents, pupils, but school leaders, representatives of state bodies and as well as the creators of organizational and legislative standards and other interested people. Of the many direct participants in the educational process are often librarians as assistant's e­ducation, which may be the success or failure of the inclusive education largely dependent.

The main aim of this paper is to find the necessary consensus in the creation, processing and enforcement working strategy with disadvantaged library users. The determination and precise understanding theirs specific study and information needs must be viewed from unique individual perspectives and differences. A basic paper's results will draft proposal methodology for librarians and information professionals to work with users to specific and special-educational needs. The author's intention is to provide the necessary theoretical and methodological principles for inclusion in the information education processes.

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PhDr. Jindra Planková, Ph.D. was born in Vítkov on 19th of December 1973. She graduated master’s programme in Librarianship and Information science at the Charles University in Prague. In the year 2007 passed doctorate viva voce examination and in the year 2008 finished doctoral study in Information science at Charles University in Prague.

She was employed 5 years in the Central University Library of Silesian University in Opava as a special librarian. From the year 2003 was employed as an assistant at the Department of Informatics at Silesian University in Opava. She is actively engaged in electronic document delivery services, new information services, Open Access to scientific information, special information sources and services, digital library and electronic archives and repositories.

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