Indispensible bibliographies on CD-ROM

Gisela Hochgeladen, K.G. Saur Verlag / R.R. Bowker

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to welcome you in the name of K.G. Saur Verlag.

First of all some information on the publishing house K.G. Saur.

We are located in Munich, Germany.

We are belonging to Reed Elsevier Germany and within this group to Elsevier Business Information Amsterdam.

And we are cooperating with our sister firms Bowker-Saur in East-Grinstead, England and R.R. Bowker in New Providence, USA.

K.G. Saur is a leading publisher of works in the fields of library and information and documentation science. For many years we have been providing the librarians and booksellers with the reference works which enable them to keep up their high standard of information supply.

We are publishing books, microfiches, journals and CD-ROMs.

Meeting the challenge of the future, K.G. Saur is also at the forefront of electronic publishing in the library market and in helping professionals to gain access to the information they need.

We have meantimes a collection of 60 CD-ROMs - at the time being. These are titles of our own, but also titles published by our sister companies Bowker-Saur and R.R. Bowker for which we have distribution rights in several countries. Additionally we distribute also some CD-ROM titels published by other institutions or publishing houses.

As a short preview I would like to mention, that among other we will start in 1997 with a very important and unique CD-ROM series called

Bibliographies of the world

We will start - hopefully in this summer - with a French Bibliography (with approx. 1.7 million records).

This will be followed by

Coming back to the the available CD-ROM titles, we should have a look first of all at the so-called

Books in Print Family.

The following databases - available as single CD-ROMs - belong to this family:

Books in Print

Books in Print with Book Reviews

Books out of Print

Global Books in Print

Christian Books in Print.

Books in Print gives access to more than 1.3 million titles published in the USA and Canada by over 52,000 publishers.

The CD-ROM combines the full range of Books in Print resources (book editions) on a single instant-access disc:

Books in Print: Author/Title

Subject Guide to Books in Print

Forthcoming Books

Books in Print Supplement

Children's Books in Print

Subject Guide to Children's Books in Print

El-Hi Books

Large Print Books

Legal Books

Sci-Tech Books

Medical and Health Care Books

Publishers, Distributors & Wholesales of the U.S.

This is really amazing!

The CD-ROM offers 18 search criteria and 3 different search masks:

Search, Form Search and Browse Index.

A) Search

This is the easiest and simplest possiblity of doing a search,

for example we are searching for a publisher:

pu= Bowker

we have a result of 544 entries

we can have a look on the entries, means on the brief citation, and we can now select in which ones we are interested and would like to have the full record; I am selecting:

American Library Director (which will be published only in July. 97, no price yet fixed)

and Books in Print 1996-97

Pressing the button Full Record I am getting the full citation of the title:

The user learns that there will be 2 vols., both scheduled for publication in this July.

Being in the Full Citation, we are offered a lot of possibilities:

- you can look for the publisher information

(full address, telephone no. a.s.o.)

- you have print facility - you can select if you would like to have printed only one record, all records, selected records,

(by the way, you can already print out the result list)

and you can choose between several output formats;

- but you can also choose between the same formats for your display:

standard format is the Books in Print format, and among others there are the so-called custom and custom 2 format

The custom display format allows you to create your own display,

save, and print format by selecting which fields you would like included when installing the CD.

The custom 2 display is a dynamic one that can be changed from within the program at anytime without having to reinstall the program.

You can do this by using the operation "options" (create custom format 2). In this window here you can select and delete the fields

by draging it to the destination field or respectively to the source field.

Let us try this: I add volume info, publisher, and Binding/ISBN, I confirm this with okay, and as you can see, the entrance has changed, means the fields were added.

- we can use electronic ordering facilities from 22 wholesalers, distributors and publishers

(I cannot show this in detail, because it was not installed here and we have not the necessary electronic access)

- you can save your research

- and you can use a so-called bookmark,

means create your own notes for the titles, these notes are stored and will appear again and again

Let us go to the next title we have selected,

it's Books in Print (book verison), a 10 vols. edition.

This is a very good example to show you that the database also considers reviews.

You have a very interesting search & link possibility here:

Let us assume, we have possibly just got the idea to proof if there is a publishing house with the word books in its name.

Thus, mark the title and the first word books, a new window opens and you can search now for the word books for example in the publisher name,

and really there is one publisher with the word books in its name: Books Worth Writing.

Of course, we can also do combined searches in this search mask:

For example, we are looking for titles published again by Bowker but not

published after 1996 (pu=bowker andnot py>1996);

we have a result of only 494 entries - you remember our search for titles

published by Bowker had a result of 544.

B) Browse Index

Good search possibility if you are not quite sure and would like to look a little bit around.

Indexes are offered for author name, keyword, publisher name, subject a.s.o.

You can only type in here some letters or a complete name.

I am trying "novak", and I am choosing this one: Novak, A.. Immediately I am getting brief as well as full citation.

It's a very interesting entry: Czech Literature.

C) Form Search

This is the most comfortable search, I can do combined searches

- as you can see - with and, or, andnot and you can simultaneously use the index if you would like. Which index will be opened depends on where the

cursor is; in our case it's the title index.

If you choose a title you can copy it to the search field and then continue with your search as usual.

Let us start a search for a publisher again and again for bowker, and let us

assume that you are only interested in titles published in 1991.

We are told 25 records found, and of course, we could now have a look at

the brief and full citation; but let us further narrow our search by saying that we would only like to know titles published by Bowker, in the year 1991, and with a price between 100 and 200 USD: result = 5 records.

And again we can have a look at the brief and full citation.

So far the CD-ROM Books in Print.

I should mention the price of Books in Print:

It's DM 2,800 for a one year subscription with 12 updates.

The second CD-ROM I would like to demonstrate you is

Global Books in Print

which is the definitive database for English language titles worldwide. It units more than 2 million titles from the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin-America, New Zealand and the Oceanic States, thus offering quick access to the following databases:

- 1.3 million titles from Books in Print

- 680,000 titles from Whitaker's Book Bank

- 220,000 titles from International Books in Print

(which covers as single database the English language titles published worldwide outside the USA and the UK from 6,500 publishers)

- 58.000 titles from Australian and New Zealand Books in Print

- 32,000 titles from the database of Canadian Telebook.

This is really uniquely comprehensive:

over 2 million titles from more than 90,000 publishers and distributors.

Global Books in Print is the only database that covers really all, all English language titles worldwide!

As you can see, we do also have the 3 different search masks:

Browse Index, Form Search, and Search.

The search masks offers 16 search criteria

and you can combine searches you have done already before,

this is cs for combined set).

You do believe there is an English language title on the Prague spring?

Let's try:

ti= prague spring

There are three titles!

Well, this was a very simple search, let us try another one for a subject (on which we will have a more detailed look):

su = art, czech

result = 8 titles found,

this is the title list, we select all and have a look at the full records.

This is the first record (The Prague Castle & Its Treasure, introduction by Vaclav Havel),

next one: (Contemporary Czech Painting). We can compare prices, there are two cloth editions mentioned, one with an Australian Dollar price and another one with an USD price.

Last line shows us the subject keyword.

We are already acquainted with these buttoms here, means with the

print, save, order, publishers information and bookmark facilities,

and we know that we can choose between different display and output formats, that we can even build up our own so-called custom format.

Next record: (Czech Cubism: ...) shows us two different editions, a cloth one and a paper one.

Original language was Czech.

Next record (the 4th of 8):


Published by a publisher in the States, and he is giving us full details on ordering conditions.

Time goes by very quick, and I believe I have to hurry up a little bit. You know already the search masks Browse Index and Form Search, so that it is not necessary to have a look again at the search possibilities with Global Books in Print.

The CD-ROM Global Books in Print has 12 annual updates and the price amounts to DM 5,100. However, we have a special offer for Eastern European countries: a so-called short version with 4 updates a year and a price of only DM 2,400.

What Global Books in Print is for books, is

Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory

for journals.

The CD-ROM provides up-to-date and comprehensive information on approx. 190,000 periodicals and simular publications available worldwide including approx. 45,000 ceased publications and including 39,000 cessations since 1979.

More than 83,000 publishers in 215 countries are represented with addresses, phone and fax numbers, E-mail address as well as relevant purchasing information.

If we have a look on the first screen, it looks a little bit different from the others, as this is a DOS version - when we looked at Books in Print and Global Books in Print, these were Window versions (however, the CD-ROMs are also available as DOS verions).

"Browse" offers us the possibility to use Browse Index Lists for all these items mentioned here.

We are choosing keyword, and I enter the term "Czech", we are getting a result of 733 entries, this means anywhere in all these entries the word "Czech..." is mentioned.

Unfortunately we do not have time enough to have a look on all these possibilies offered here: Format for example offers to select between 8 different output and display formats.

"Search" is the most used search screen:

23 search criteria are offered; we cannot have a look on all of them.

In general they are self-explanatory.

I will only mention:

document availability means to search fore recrods in which full text is available from various document supply centers, for example ADONIS, Swets.

ol stands for online/CD-ROM vendor and would retrieve all citations available

for example from Lexis-Nexis or Ovid Technologies via

online services or CD-ROM

media code would find all titles on diskette, magnetic tape, microfilm, CD-ROM for example

the mc index can also search for document types, for example: Academic/Scholarly publications, directories, newsletters, newspapers, proceedings ...

Using the search mask and searching for the keyword "czech", we are getting the same result - 733 entries - as before in the browse index.

Perhaps more useful is to search for the periodicals published in the Czech Republic: Type in cc (country code) = xr (the country codes are mentioned in the help text and in the handbook):

We are getting a result of 579.

Using the buttom F10 we are shown the brief citations. We are for example interested in these titles:

starting with Application of Mathematics, ARTI Reports, ASIFA NEWS;

Acta Chirurgica Plasticae.

The first title published by a publishing house in the States, but Co-Publisher is Academia.

Second one is a journal that is only supplied on exchange basis from the address mentioned (sorry I cannot pronounce this), and we are told that the publication is also available in mircofilm, mircrofiche.

The document type it is indexed for is academic/scholarly publication.

Next periodical, called ASIFA News published by Association Internationale du Film d'Animation/International Assocation of Animated Film here in Prague. And we receive the information that the title was formerly called International Animated Film Assocation.

The last one of the 4 titles we have choosen: Acta Chirurgiae Plasticae.

Several language editions are available, it's published here in Prague, and additionally the information is given that Karger Libri is the distributor in Western countries.

We can see where it is indexed and that document supply (full text articles) is available through Swets.

The title is indexed under the subjects: medical sciences and surgery.

The status of the periodical is active.

The user has the possiblity to narrow his search at the beginning only on the active publications.

Status code (sc) = a result 143,723 entries (these are all active titles)

And we do a combined search now: cs= 2 and 3:

result = 416 entries, means there are 416 active publications published in the Czech Republic.

Shortly I was asked by a customer: Do I need to leave my search or the search mask, if I would like to use the menue strip above?

Answer: No! Only use the insert key , then you can go forward, backward a.s.o.

I would like to find out periodicals and similar publications by Springer-Verlag , but only on CD-ROM:

I have to type: publisher (pu) = springer and media code (mc) = cd.

The result is 7, I am choosing 3 of them, and of course, we can have a look on the brief and the full citations:

Here we find Compacmath - Compact Mathematics Library,

only available as CD-ROM, it's a cumulative CD-ROM edition of the journals Zentralblatt für Mathematik and Mathematics Abstracts.

Second title is European Journal of Biochemistry, CD-ROM edition,

also available in microform, and a lot of further information,

last title is Gefahrgut - Dangerous Goods CD-ROM,

it's only available on CD-ROM, issued in various editions, and it is published irregular.

A one year subscription for Ulrich's with 4 updates costs DM 1,175.

Only some general information on:

Verzeichnis lieferbarer Bücher / German Books in Print on CD-ROM.

The CD-ROM is the standard reference work for booksellers and librarians worldwide.

German Books in Print is published by the Verlag der Buchhändler-Vereinigung/the publishing company of German Publishers and Booksellers Association in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. K.G. Saur is the distributor worldwide.

The database contains details on nearly all German language titles in print including foreign language titles from nearly all publishers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Besides all books in print and other print media, VLB provides the user with information on cassettes, videos, computer software and electronic publishing.

The CD-ROM give access to more than 670,000 titles from approx. 12,700 publishers with approx. 14 million entries. And it includes:

- index of all available school books

- ZIS Datenbank (Zeitschriften-Informations-Service-Datenbank /means journals information service database), these are more than 3,300 journals from approx. 800 publishers.

The search masks look very acquainted, and that's why I will not demonstrate this CD-ROM to you. And the other reason is, time is too short.

You have the possiblity to use the so-called primary search with 13 search criteria and the browse index. And, of course, the user has the possiblity to do combined searches.

5 display formats are offered, even a redefinition of a user format, and further features are for example, truncation, memory possibility of the texts in ASCI-format, bookmark, boolean operators, truncation - by the way boolean operators and truncation can be used, of course, with all the CD-ROMs at which we had a look before.

There are two different VLB edtions available:

one with 12 annual updates at a price of DM 1,900 and

one, a so-called reduced subsription, with only 2 annual updates at a price of DM 1,380.

A pretty new CD-ROM published by K.G. Saur is the

Russian National Bibligraphy.

The titles were provided by the Russian Book Chamber, the official National Bibliographic Centre and Russian ISBN agency. It is in charge of the complete archive of all works published in the former Soviet Union and - after 1991 - in the Russian Federation respectively.

The CD-ROM contains bibliographic information on approx. 776,000 titles, listing books as well as brochures. Apart from the works in Russian, the CD-ROM also contains the works published in one of the numerous other languages related to this area.

The titles mainly date from 1980 to 1995, although a few titles published in 1996 and pre-1980 are included as well.

29 combinable search criteria are offered, you can see them all here.

Only to have mentioned it: Searching for the language czech (la = cze) we learn that there are 248 titles considered.

If we look for a publication year before 1980 (yp < 1980), we can see that there are still 27,717 titles included.

Let us try to combine this with the search for an author (au = Tolstoi). In total we get a result for Tolstoi of 1,758.

The combined search is: cs = 2 and 3; as result there are 29 entries on which we can have a look in the brief and full citation.

Let us try a more complicated search: We would like to search for titles in which the keyword Perestroika is mentioned, they should be published only in 1990 and in Moscow:

kt = perestroika and yp = 1990 and pl = m (for Moscow).

Result: 142 entries.

The first title is a book with 431 pages, belonging to a series called Perestroika: ...., ISBN, subjects and language are mentioned and all the important code nos.

Screen messages and help texts, menus and commands are available in Russian (cyrillic letters) and English (transliterated verion).

The price of the CD-ROM amounts now to DM 3,200. However, we had a special offer for Eastern European countries when we first offered the CD-ROM, and we would like to take this opportunity to repeat our special offer which is only DM 2,550 (this was the subscription price that has normally already expired) and on this special price a discount of 20%.

Important to mention: All CD-ROMs I talked about are networkable, and in general nearly all our CD-ROM publications are networkable. Of, course, there are additional charges to pay for a network use, depending on the quantity of simultaneous users.

I would like to invite you to come to our table in the Planetarium foyer on the 9th floor for further information and demonstration, and, of course, you can test the CD-ROMs by yourself. I do also have other CD-ROM titles with me, so that you have the possiblity to have a look on these databases. And further a lot of information material is available there. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me, I am gladly prepared to answer all your questions.

This demonstration was hopefully interesting and useful to you. We would very much appreciate if this is today the beginning of a closer business relation between libraries and booksellers and our publishing house.

Thank you for coming and for your interest.