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The Economist Intelligence Unit is the worldís leading provider of global business intelligence. We provide information in multiple formats - printed reports, electronic services, customised analysis and executive meetings. Our mission is to help countries do better business by delivering timely and reliable intelligence throughout the world. Through our extensive global network of business analysts, we continuously assess and forecast the political, economic and business climates in 195 countries. We also provide intelligence on key strategic industries and insights into the latest management thinking.

The EIU is widely recognised for the accuracy and independence of its global business analysis. While other sources of international information exist, only the EIU can furnish you with complete value-added intelligence you need and trust when making important cross border business decisions. Unlike other providers of business information, we will provide you with:

- Timely, independent and comprehensive analysis of world events
- Advice on what events mean for your business and how to respond
- Consistent economic and market data across 195 countries
- Original data and forecasts not in the public domain
- Delivery into corporate knowledge systems via any electronic format
- Quality of coverage that can only come with more than 50 years of experience
- The reassurance of The Economists Groupís unparalleled reputation for reliability

To meet the needs of networked executives, EIU Electronic has created a suite of next-generation intelligence services designed for use anywhere in the world over the Internet. Available individually-or packaged together- these ground breaking services enable executives to track fast changing global developments, analyse current and future trends and conduct instant research on an extensive database.

EIU ViewsWire (
EIU ViewsWire is our daily updated country analysis web service providing decision-support for operating in over 195 world markets.  Every day the EIU ViewsWire flags key economic, political and market developments around the world and analyses what they mean for your business.  Unlike other services, the EIU ViewsWire provides a constantly updated database of market data, forecasts and regulations for developed and emerging markets.
This unique service draws on the full information resources of the Economist Group, as well as highly regarded sources outside the Group, such as the financial times and the World Bank.

EIU CountryData (
The most comprehensive source of economic indicators and forecasts available. It is fast and easy to use and more powerful than any other economic database on the market.  This macroeconomic statistical database is updated monthly and is available on CD-ROM and the Internet.  EIU CountryData offers 272 economic series for 115 countries starting from 1980, with valuable forecasts from the EIU going to 2004.  EIU CountryData uses the powerful Bureau van Dijk software allowing users to manipulate, tabulate and graph the data in seconds. (
EIU on the Internet offers full-text and searchable access to all publications from the Economist Intelligence Unit.  Our flagship titles Country Report, Country Forecast and Country Risk Service, as well as our industry and best practice publications can all be delivered to employees within your organisation over the Internet or on your intranet for a flat yearly fee.  We provide full flexibility, by enabling you to select the exact publications and countries you wish to receive.

In addition, you can select from other publications from the Economist Group such as The Economist and the Journal of Commerce.

CountryNet (
CountryNet is an Internet-based information centre for international assignees and business travellers covering over 80 countries.  CountryNet provides employees with important, hard-to-find information about living, working and conducting business outside their home country.  Expatriates access the up-to-date, detailed information they need to do business successfully and comfortably in an international environment.

The Economist Intelligence Unitís reputation rests on itís unswerving commitment to accurate data and reporting, rigorous attention to detail, authoritative analysis and complete editorial independence. Our data-gathering, editorial  and analytical processes have been refined over the years to deliver robust and reliable business intelligence that our clients can trust

In some countries, official data are the least dependable of all. Other supposedly trustworthy sources may have their own agenda or interpretation. Republishing such data does not serve our interests, nor those clients - that is why we do not do it. Our experts researchers, analysts and editors know how to select truly reliable sources and how to correct errors in others, thus ensuring our clients get an unbiased picture of the economies that interest them.

Furthermore, we provide totally consistent data across 195 countries, so users of our information can make like-for-like comparisons of economic trends between countries as diverse as Brazil, Poland and China.