Možnosti plošné licence databáze INSPEC

Eva Dimmock, IEE, UK

INSPEC Database Site Licence Opportunities

INSPEC is the world's leading English language information service providing access to the world's scientific and technical papers in physics, electrical engineering, electronics, communications, control engineering, computing and information technology and is a continuation of Science Abstracts first published by the Institution of Electrical Engineers in 1898.

The INSPEC Database, which lies at the centre of this service, dates back to 1969. Over 3000 scientific and technical journals and some 2000 conference publications are scanned each year. The Database now contains over 6.5 million bibliographic records and is growing at the rate of 330,000 records each year.

Although INSPEC provides a comprehensive index to literature in physics, electrical and electronic engineering, computing, control and information technology, it has also significant coverage in interdisciplinary areas such as materials science, instrumentation, oceanography, nuclear engineering, aerospace engineering, biomedical engineering and biophysics.

Each record in the INSPEC database contains an English-language title and descriptive abstract, together with full bibliographic details which include the journal or other publication title, the author's name and affiliation and the language of the original document. All of these may be searched, as well as INSPEC's extensive range of subject classification and indexing systems.
In addition to searching INSPEC for information for your research projects, you can also use the database for:

· Current Awareness
· New Product Information
· Technological Forecasting
· Competitive Intelligence
· Patent-Related Searching

The INSPEC Database is available from a large number of vendors, with a variety of pricing options to cater for both frequent and occasional users. Most online systems offer transactional pay-as-you-go pricing. Full unlimited access to the Database is also available either by local loading or remote access.

CD-ROM version of the Database which is updated quarterly with backfile to 1989 is also available.

Academic site Licences:

Special fixed annual fee is available for Academic establishments. This covers all usage on a single campus and no additional royalty payment is required. Quotes for multiple-campus universities and university consortia are available on request.

Site Licences for Corporate and Government:

Fixed-fee, unlimited usage pricing is also available to corporate and government research establishments on a sliding scale based on the size of the organisations.

National Site Licences:

For Academic sites it is possible to set up a national consortium for access to the INSPEC Database when certain conditions are met:

Annual fee/country can be divided to suit participants. The main benefit of setting up a National Site Licence is that single site data fee is halved.