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Making Search More Relevant

Koordinátor sekce: Martin Lhoták, Academy of Sciences Library, Czech Republic

Čas a místo: May 26, 1:30 PM - 4:35 PM, Vencovsky Aula

Find What I Mean, Not What I Type

Chris Sherman, SearchEngineLand.com, Searchwise, USA
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Google has trained people to treat search engines like slot machines – punch in a few keywords, pull the handle, and hope for a jackpot. With the emergence of a new generation of semantic search engines, searchers can now engage in more of a true dialogue with search engines. The search engines now go far beyond keywords, using a variety of signals and behavioral analysis to understand intent, not just simple semantics.

Starting with an overview of how search works today, I'll offer a definition of semantic search, why it is emerging as an important issue today and discuss what semantic search is not. Next, an overview of some of the more interesting players in the semantic search field. Finally, a bit about how Google and other search engines are incorporating semantic search and some predictions for future trends.


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