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Digital Access to Library Materials

Session coordinator: Adolf Knoll, National Library of Czech Republic

Time and venue: May 26, 11:10 AM - 12:25 PM, Auditorium D

Digitization Registry CZ

Martin Lhoták, Academy of Sciences Library, Czech Republic
Tomáš Foltýn, National Library of Czech Republic
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Aim of the project is to create the national registry of digitized documents, which should enable to share digitization outputs and avoid duplicity. System is also able to register all phases of digitization workflow. Other library system – Kramerius and Aleph are connected to the solution. Search engine Fast is used for information retrieval via web application. Digitization registry CZ is joint project of National Library of the Czech Republic, Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences and INCAD company. Research team is currently working on project proposal with should result in digitization registry of the Central Europe institutions.

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Martin Lhoták is director of the Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences. He is involved in digitization projects for several years. Main outputs of his projects are Digital Library of the Academy of Siences and „Kramerius“ – open source system for digital library/repository, which is developed jointly with the National Library of the CR. Recently he works on Digitization Registry CZ project.

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