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Marketing Tools in Libraries to Promote Electronic Information Resources

Session coordinator: Ladislav Svršek, Albertina icome Bratislava, s.r.o., Slovak Republic

Time and venue: May 26, 1:30 PM - 4:20 PM, Auditorium D

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Eva Měřínská, Municipal Library of Prague, Czech Republic
Lenka Hanzlíková, Klára Sušická, Municipal Library of Prague, Czech Republic
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The Municipal Library of Prague provides „common“ services for all „common“ users – it has 42 branches all over the Prague plus several stops of the bibliobusses, more than 2 milion documents to borrow, wifi, places for exhibitions, multifunctional halls, one merry-go-round, Vinohrad castle and dragon.

At last, but not at least: 11 online databases, 100 e-books for e-readers and mobile phones, 1000 digitalized books in Kramerius and another online services, which extend „paper“ services of the library. Article will describe the way to the modern services for the modern users.

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Mgr. Eva Měřínská – head of the Digitization Departement of the MLP

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