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Open Access – an Alternative for Bad Times?

Session coordinator: Jindra Planková, Silesian university in Opava - Department of Informatics, Czech Republic

Time and venue: May 27, 9:00 AM - 11:25 AM, Auditorium D

Components and Factors of „Open Access“ – Applying to Provision of Professional and Scientific Information

Jindra Planková, Silesian university in Opava - Department of Informatics, Czech Republic
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Global changes in the new building the information society strongly affect all areas of scientific communication and access to social cognition. The main role here played by the processes associated with the information searching and survey in making complex, searching and mediation of professional information and knowledge from information sources with „Open Access“.

It will address current issues of Open Access to technical and scientific information indicates a change in their communication. On the basis of practical and theoretical bases will be formulated a general model of a modern operation of „Open Access“ will be characterized by various factors and elements of the system, referring to the possibility of their use in communicating scientific and technical information on science and research in the Czech environment.

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PhDr. Jindra Planková, Ph.D. was born in Vítkov on 19th of December 1973. She graduated master’s programme in Librarianship and Information science at the Charles University in Prague. In the year 2007 passed doctorate viva voce examination and in the year 2008 finished doctoral study in Information science at Charles University in Prague. She was employed 5 years in the Central University Library of Silesian University in Opava as a special librarian.

From the year 2003 was employed as an assistant at the Department of Informatics at Silesian University in Opava. She is actively engaged in electronic document delivery services, new information services, Open Access to scientific information, special information sources and services, digital library and electronic archives and repositories.

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