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Using Electronic Information Resources in Education

Koordinátor sekce: Milan Špála, Charles University in Prague - 1st Medical Faculty, Czech Republic

Čas a místo: May 25, 2:00 PM - 5:15 PM, Auditorium D

Web Sites, Electronic Information Resources and Information Education: Cross-disciplinary View

Milan Špála, Charles University in Prague - 1st Medical Faculty, Czech Republic
Materiály ke stažení

Five years ago a study on three information centers of research medical institutions being involved in reseach actvities using their web sites was conducted. It was also focused on how much these centers could support pregraduates and postgraduates. It has become clear librarians are required to develop at least elementary biomedical knowledge.

Unfortunately, the study proved that, in general, information centers pay no sufficient attention to updating their web sites so that the credibility of currency and accuracy of the services may have decreased. On the other hand, the range of electronic information resources available at universities has considerable grown since than, which could be a reaction to cuts in acquisition budget of professional literature in traditional forms.

Information centers have been participated in providing information education training recently. It should be appreciated the fact that after establishing a IVIG working group a NAKLIV project was implemented. It is based on cooperation of seven partners and concerns information literacy, information education and networking.

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Long time experiences in medical research, editing and publication as well as necessary services in information fields.


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