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Acquisition of Electronic Information Resources Within the OP RDI – Call 4.3: Results and Practical experience


Iva Prochásková, University of Pardubice, Czech Republic

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The article presents an informative overview of the EIR funded under the call, including the amount of the allocated funds. The starting points of the project proposal processing are briefly summarized. The problems and the limitations that the applicants had to deal with are explained. The results of the evaluation phase are presented. In the 2nd part, the project Chemical Electronic Resources for R & D is described in details, including the method of the EIR selection, searching for the project partners, the project application review process and the negotiation phase. The article also discusses the strategy of the EIR price negotiation and describes the problems associated with the need to meet the requirements of the Act 137/2006 Coll. on Public Contracts.

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Iva Prochásková, head of the University Library of the University of Pardubice since 1992. She knows well the university environment and the information needs of the academic users. She has been intensively working in the area of electronic information resources for the last fifteen years in order to ensure the optimal information infrastructure for research and education. She was the coordinator and the team member of several projects in this field. Currently, she is the coordinator of the project Chemical Electronic Resources for R & D. She has been working in the Association of Libraries of Czech Universities since its foundation in 2002, as the Chair of the Executive Committee since 2008.

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