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Open Source Integrated Library System „Evergreen“ in the Czech Republic: Experience Gained During a Year and a Half of Function


Eva Cerniňáková, Jabok - Institute of Social Pedagogy and Theology, Czech Republic

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Evergreen, a modern open source integrated library system , is licensed under GNU GPL license. Evergreen was created in the USA in 2006 . Currently, it is used in about 800 public and professional libraries and consortiums all over the world.

The Czech localization started in 2008. Since autumn of 2011 , Evergreen is being operated in the Jabok Library for all standard library processes (circulation and OPAC, cataloging, acquisition).

Evergreen offers additional services as well (e.g.. booking module, surveys, credit card payment, offline interface, Kids OPAC, etc.)

User experience gained during almost two years comprises also some minor problems caused by shortcomings of the Czech localization (which have gradually been eliminated) and from lack of experience with this software in the Czech Republic.But in general it confirms that implementation of Evergreen in the Jabok Library was a good choice It shows a great potential of Evergreen for the Jabok Library as well as for other libraries. At the beginning of this year the Czech Evergreen Dokuwiki Portal was put into operation by the Czech Evergreen community.

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Mgr. Eva Cerniňáková completed her Master degree of librarianship and information science at the Institute of Information Studies and Librarianship at Charles University in Prague. She is currently employed as a head librarian at Jabok – Academy l of Social Pedagogy and Theology, where she also works as a systems librarian and participates in information education. Since 2009 she is engaged in translation and testing of Czech localization of Open Source integrated Library system Evergreen. She is also concerned with the issue of accessibility of library services to persons with special needs.

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