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m.KoBSON: O krok blíže novým technologiím


Tatjana Timotijevic, National Library of Serbia - Department of Scientific Information, Srbsko


Biljana Kosanovic, National Library of Serbia - Center for Scientific Information, Srbsko

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Started from the 2001, KoBSON (Serbian Library Consortium for Coordinated Acquisition) always try to develop and improve library practice in Serbia. Continuously taking care about end-users needs, KoBSON implemented new technologies and made an global-level library. When we recognize that traditional library (bookshelf library) became old-fashion, we change acquisition policy, and instead of journals in print (hard copy) version, we put an accent on e-journals. With a new type of material, we made a new library – e-library, and meet our end-users need 24/7. We managed them access from work (trough Academic network), and also from their home (remote access by EzProxy). Last two years a lot of users started using smart phones. Almost all for-profit institutions (banks, news-media, etc.) made their service available through that new platform. The same happened also with scientific publishers. In order to meet this new technology we developed also m-KoBSON portal. The application include only our the most used service EleCas (Electronic Journals Linking Service). By this service users can (1) do a quick Journal title search or (2) access to the journal archive (if title is subscribed) or (3) see the Journal ranking (based on legislative establish by the Scientific Council). When access to journal archive, we provide direct access to publisher (Agregator service) mobile platform if it’s developed (for example JSTOR, Cambridge University Press, EBSCO etc.). We also made a user autentification (like via EzProxy). Whole project is made by our IT developer, and we proudly can say that this is the first m-library platform in Serbia.

Profesní informace o autorovi

Tatjana Timotijevic (1975) – higher librarian – informant for referal data bases, Center for Scientific Information, National library of Serbia, Belgrade. I have 2 years working experience in school library, and after that, since 2001. I employed in The Center for Scientific Information, National library of Serbia, Belgrade. I participated in national professional meetings and conferences (BIBLIONet – for librarians, and SNTPI – for scientific and technical information). I am author of two articles written for those librarian Conferences (on Serbian language). I lectured a lot of presentations, lectures and educational courses on topic electronic information resources for researchers in Scientific institutes, and for young researcher (students of Doctoral studies). I also had a poster presentation on INFORUM 2010 Conference (How librarian can make bibliographic record more useful: Put together WoS, SCOPUS and SCIndeks data).


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