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Eniko Toth-Szasz, Thomson Reuters, Praha

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Unprecedented volumes of research are published each year in a plethora of scholarly research journals and this research is cited by individuals involved or interested in the studies described. Other research is presented at conferences as investigators can present smaller studies or preliminary results of larger ones and can get the word out more quickly presenting to an audience than waiting for the often lengthy process of getting a paper published in a peer-reviewed journal. Another area in which research is heavily published is books, in certain areas of scholarly research the book is an important presentation format in which a significant proportion of research is published. Thomson Reuters provides a series of interlinked, searchable citation indices on the Web of Knowledge platform, which allow researchers to easily identify papers relevant to their own interest and navigate among other papers influenced by those same papers. Focussing on books containing scholarly research, the Book Citation Index (BKCI) has joined the Web of Science which is hosted on Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge so that users can identify research and trace research patterns regardless of its original mode of publication. Having journals, conference proceedings and books all integrated into one citation index is a huge boost for researchers and evaluators in all fields.

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Mgr. Enikő Tóth Szász was born in Slovakia. She graduated the Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Philosophy. Currently she works for company Thomson Reuters, provider of the well-known citation database Web of Science. Her main responsibility in the company is enhancing training opportunities for customers in Czech republic, Slovakia and Hungary. She speaks English, Slovak and Hungarian Language.


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