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Jak mobilní aplikace ebrary usnadňuje vědeckou práci


Matt Barnes, ebrary

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With ebrary’s newly launched mobile app, researchers and students now have optimized online access to authoritative e-books and content uploaded with DASH!™ (Data Sharing, Fast), the ability to add their own personal research, and through the app, users can sign-in to ebrary using their Facebook user name and password.

Based on research from ebrary’s 2011 Gl­obal Student E-book Survey, 60% of students said downloading e-books onto their mobile devices is “very important,” which is a 16% increase over results from a similar survey ebrary sponsored in 2008. Additionally, ebrary ran a Download Survey with librarians to gauge the importance and accessibility of downloading content. Results showed that the majority of librarians marked the iPad as the most important device in accessing e-books offline, above laptops and desktops.

This presentation will explore the ways in which ebrary is constantly addressing and expanding its models and product services to support the continually growing research and technology landscape for both end-users and librarians.

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As ebrary’s Senior Marketing Specialist, Ms. Ribero is responsible for overseeing the company’s trade shows and speaking opportunities, both in North America and internationally. In addition to managing events, she handles the associated research and creation of presentations, promotions, design, and aids with strategic tactical marketing. Ms. Ribero has been with ebrary for a year and a half and held the previous position of Marketing Coordinator. Prior to ebrary, Ms. Ribero worked at an entertainment law firm in Los Angeles. She holds a B.A. in Film Studies and Communications from the University of California, Davis.


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