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Marta Dyson, Wiley-Blackwell, Velká Británie

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Wiley-Blackwell has a long history of partnering with the world’s eminent learned and professional societies, bringing you the most authoritative, high-impact research in the social sciences and humanties through an extensive portfolio of journals, books and reference works in specialized subject areas. Our publications classic papers spanning centuries of research from some of the most celebrated minds in academe and industry.

Whether you’re serving students, researchers or professionals already working in the field, our portfolio provides essential support for their diverse needs and interests. Accessed from within or outside the library, our content gives your users the tools and knowledge to drive the developments of tomorrow.

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Marta Dyson – Account Manager for Central and Eastern Europe for Wiley – Blaclwell. Have worked for Blackwell since 2006 and after Wiley – Blackwell merger in 2007 represents Wiley – Blackwell. Originally from Poland.


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