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Florin Craciun, Serials Solutions, Velká Británie

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A librarian established Serials Solutions in 2000 with a simple goal of offering a service that would reduce effort to manage and increase access to the growing number of electronic journals; he believed that successfully achieving this goal required a strategic commitment to gather, enrich, and share knowledge about the electronic resources that were changing library collections. Over the past decade, Serials Solutions has grown into a global company dedicated to ensuring the future success of libraries as knowledge centers and information gateways. In this presentation, learn how the Summon™ web-scale discovery service enables a familiar web-searching experience of the full breadth of content found in your library collections—from books and videos to e-resources such as articles. It goes beyond federated search, beyond next-generation catalogs to create an all-new service for libraries. Through one simple search to a single unified index, the Summon service provides instant access to the breadth of authoritative content that's the hallmark of great libraries. No need to broadcast searches to other databases —it provides one search box for a researcher to enter any terms they want and quickly get credible results in one relevancy ranked-list. Librarians like the service’s power to transform their institution’s se­arch experience, and have found it easy to set up and integrate into their current library operations.


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