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Altmetriky – užitečný nástroj pro hodnocení vědecké komunikace


Sanja Antonic, University of Belgrade - University library "Svetozar Marković", Srbsko


Igor Zivanovic, Aleksandra Popovic / University of Belgrade - University library "Svetozar Markovic", Srbsko

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Altmetrics is defined as the creation and study of new metrics based on the social web for analyzing, and informing scholarship. Against well defined classical bibliometric indicators, based on number of citations (IF, h-index, g- index, Eugen factor etc.) which are criticized a lot for decades, from 2011 announces new way – alternative metrics (altmetrics).

Actually, altmetrics give us broader aspects of state and development of science in informal manner. Altmetric currently tracks sources from web 2.0 like Online reference managers (Mendeley, CiteULike social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google+), other online sources (Wikipedia, YouTube) and many others. Four main Altmetrics services are: Altmetric, ImpactStory, PLOS and Plum Analytics.

Altmetrics can measure scholarly output from variety of different resources on the web and give broader impressions about strictly defined scientific publications and results. For classical bibliometric analysis we used Leiden Ranking for five scientific disciplines and cumulative results for Serbian science and in last decade improves and we were in 2008 “rising star” in Europe on SCImago Journal & Country Rank. In this paper we show state of sciences and scientific disciplines in Serbia and some European countries.

Altmetrics is certainly an impetus for us, because we found some interesting, unexpected results about our science generally. Using PLOS which count downloads and from PLOS, PubMed including Wikipedia mentions, some of conclusion is that Medicine and health sciences are dominant. We aware that our further mission is giving lectures about altmetric tools, social networks, references managers and many new achievements.

Profesní informace o autorovi

MSc Sanja Antonic (1966) – Employed from 1997 as an Information specialist for biomedicine and biotechnology in Department for scientific information, University library „Svetozar Markovic“, University of Belgrade, Serbia.

Graduated Molecular biology and Physiology at the Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade. Title of Master thesis on Faculty of Philology, Library and Information Science Department was “The Development of the Computational Semantic Network for the Biomedical Sciences”. PhD candidate at Faculty of Philology in Belgrade.

She participated in many international professional meetings and conferences in Serbia and abroad (IFLA 2003, INFORUM 2008, INFORUM 2010, INFORUM 2011, “2nd International Symposium on Information Management in a Changing World” in Turkey, Ankara 2010 etc.). ReserearcherID in WoS is RID: B-1412–2009 and Author ID – 15519197800 in Sсopus.

Author of over 40 articles on English and Serbian languages in journals (Infotheca, Archives of Oncology, SpringerLink – E-Science and Information Management: Communications in Computer and Information Science) and proceedings of conferences. She has many presentations, lectures, courses and workshops about researching electronic information resources and many other topics about evaluation of scientific work at numerous academic and cultural institutions.


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