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Website Optimization for Search Engines
Session coordinator: Martin Lhoták,  Main Library of the Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic
Where: 27. 5. 2004, 8:30 - 12:15, New Auditorium

Google Advanced

Author: Ondřej Pečený,  Charles University - Institute of Librarianship and Information Studies, Czech Republic


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How could information specialist "overcome" the phenomenon called Google? Largely with its own weapons. It is enough to learn how to make the best of all its search capabilities. The absolute majority of its users do not use the formulation of the query by the help of advanced search techniques. The aim of this paper is to introduce to ways of searching in Google, which give an advantage to information specialists in comparison of common users. How can be for example Google used for searching in the area of the Czech Internet? How to let Google translate a webpage from one language to another? Google does not serve only as a tool for people with good thoughts. It is possible to abuse it as a weapon (unauthorized access to databases, disclosure of passwords, illegal software, Google-bombing etc.). Googlemania – the danger of conception: "it was not found in Google, so that it is not on the Internet". Google is not pure search engine. Which other services does it offer?

About the author

Student of The Information Studies and Librarianship – Faculty of Arts – Charles University in Prague currently finishing master thesis Medical and Pharmaceutical Information Portals. He acts as a lector in the project VISK2 Basic computer skills in the National Library according to curriculum of the European Computer Driving Licence. Since February 2002 he teaches periodically Internet in Libraries in a re-qualification librarian course (National Library). He lectured on advanced Internet searching and the invisible web in the State Technical Library during 2002. He has been an external lecturer of Albertina icome Praha s.r.o. for databases ProQuest and PCI since autumn 2000. He wrote an electronic handbook for this system published in the CD The Information Studies and Librarianship in the Electronic Texts I. Among his professional interests belong conducting of information retrieval using professional information systems, advanced Internet searching, Internet domains, unsolicited email, projects and realization of web presentations, personal and business education of work with computers, consulting of ICT issues.

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