14. Konference o profesionálních informačních zdrojích

Detaily příspěvku konference

E-zdroje v e-learningu a e-learning v e-zdrojích

Koordinátor: Eva Lesenková, Institut postgraduálního vzdělávání ve zdravotnictví, Praha

Kdy a kde: 28. 5. 2008, 14.00 - 15.40, Posluchárna D

Změny formy informačních zdrojů pro zkušené uživatele ICT

Autor: David Ball, Bournemouth University, Velká Británie


Jill Beard / Barbara Newland, Bournemouth University, United Kingdom

Plné texty


This paper discusses the implications for university libraries of the influx of Digital Natives (DNs) coinciding with the widespread introduction of virtual learning environments (VLEs). It examines the information seeking behaviour of DNs at Bournemouth University (BU) and proposes that the expectations of DNs and the functionality of the VLEs will combine to make the latter a transformational technology. The challenge for libraries is to meet the expectations of DNs while delivering the requirements of the curriculum. BU’s responses are: • Leading a national tender for e-books; • Developing business models for subject collections of recommended texts; • Digitisation; • Redesigning services to exploit Web 2.0 technologies and accelerate migration from printed to electronic resources. The UK’s JISC E-book Observatory Project is also discussed. The paper closes with a description of BU’s Pathfinder Project, funded by the UK’s Higher Education Academy - Innovative E-Learning with E-Resources (eRes). This project aims to develop innovative pedagogic frameworks in the form of case studies that bring together learning activities and academically led quality e-resources. It will also develop an e-reading strategy, which will help redefine the traditional concept of reading for a degree and build on previous studies of enabling access to e-resources.

O autorovi:

David Ball has been University Librarian at Bournemouth since 1994. He is recognised as a leading practitioner and speaker, particularly in the field of library purchasing, having led innovative tenders for e-books, books and journals. He also led the University’s procurement and implementation of its new virtual learning environment (VLE). He has led a number of research and digitisation projects, such as the NOF-funded Dorset Coast Digital Archive and the British Library-funded research project on health information for the lay public. Previous experience includes the private sector, as information manager for a major newspaper publisher, where he was responsible for transforming a cuttings library into a full-text electronic archive. He has a strong publishing record; a major book, Managing Suppliers and Partners for the Academic Library, was published by Facet in 2005, and is used as a set text by at least one library school. He is also a frequent speaker at conferences, including Online, particularly on e-books and procurement.

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