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Electronic Resources in the Digital Age

Session coordinator: Petra Štogrová Jedličková, Charles University in Prague - Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, Czech Republic

Where: 27. 5. 2009, 14.15 - 17.30, Auditorium D


Autor: František Zachoval, Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Czech Republic


Jan Vidlička, Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Czech Republic



Just a minimal space for fine art on public and private televisions has lead teachers and students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (AVU) to found an independent Internet HDV television. Live archive contains mainly contributions from exhibition openings, interviews with artists, curators, records of workshops, competitions or conferences. Artyčok.TV is run by a civic society Artyčok.TV, o.s and by Digital Laboratory of AVU. Since its beginning in 2006, editorial team from Prague has been extended by regular contributors from university towns of the Czech Republic (Plzeň, Ústí nad Labem and Brno). Presentation and cooperation of local institutions contribute to closer development of study aims. At present there is also a regular acquisition of contributions from European centers such as Berlin, Bratislava or Budapest. Server transformation into Middle European format makes contributions more accessible in the scope of European area. The youngest section of domain, videoart, is the biggest archive of progressive Czech-Slovak audiovisual scene. Portal with its specific focus is the most watched information source for students of art, art theoreticians, gallery owners and collectors at the moment. At the time of dynamic development of IT technologies is direct confrontation via audiovisual records more than necessary. All programs are launched under a Creative Commons license.

About author:

MgA. František Zachoval, lecturer PhD. student of FF UK, member of the team DigiLab and Artyčok.TV František Zachoval joined the Digital Laboratory (DigiLab) in 2006 after receiving his MgA. at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (AVU). He is one of the constituent members of an international, independent and noncommercial „HDV Internet broadcast From 2005 to 2009 he has been developing project and (Searching of memory the Landscape). From 2007 he has been programming in project Pixel-sound software designed to create and manage 8-bit electronic music. In 2007 he established the edu-portal, where lectors publish manuals, tutorials, in general, the knowledge not only for AVU students but for wide public. DigiLab team run courses on programs such as Linux, Blender, Pure Data, Gimp etc. Selected lectures from 2008: Multiplace, DigiLab@Artyčok.TV, Brno; Cinema Svetozor, 8-bit Demoscene/1024 byte films, Prague; A4 - zero space, The 8-bit Demoscene, Bratislava; Open Archives, On-stream, Jihlava Selected publications: Digitální lobbing (Flash Art), Kdo to shodil? (Respekt), Hacking Art? (Flash Art), Demýtizace licencí Creative Commons (, Sborník k sympoziu o antologiích českého a slovenského umění 2. poloviny 20. století.

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