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How to Use the IWitness Platform in a Czech School


Martin Šmok, USC Shoah Foundation, Czech Republic

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IWitness ( is an educational website developed by USC Shoah Foundation – The Institute for Visual History and Education. IWitness brings the human stories of the Institute's Visual History Archive to secondary school teachers and their students via engaging multimedia-learning activities. By integrating testimony-based education with the development of digital literacy and other 21st-century competencies, IWitness encourages critical thinking and self-reflection.

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Martin Šmok, currently Senior International Program Consultant at the USC Shoah Foundation, researched and scripted two documentary film trilogies: Among Blind Fools (1993–99), chronicling the WWII rescue work of the Bratislava Working Group, and Between a Star and a Crescent (1999–2003) about the role of communist Czechoslovakia in the Middle East. His other credits include films Andre's Lives (1997) and Lost Neighbours (2003), and exhibitions: 105 (2005), using the 105th birthday of Stalin's favourite cartoonist as a pretext to present the power of visual propaganda, Hagibor – the Place, the People, and their Fate (2008), documenting the twisted history of a sporting field turned into a Nazi concentration camp and, subsequently, into an internment camp for ethnic Germans, Jewish Community of Prague since 1945 until the present time and Traces of Jewish Presence in Vinohrady.

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