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Virtual Exhibitions at the Manuscriptorium


Tomáš Klimek, National Library of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic


Olga Čiperová / AiP Beroun s.r.o.

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Are you bored and don't want to sit at home doing nothing? Don’t buy a raccoon! We’re inviting you to an exhibition. Is the weather bad and your train, bus or car isn’t coming? It doesn’t matter! Turn your favourite device with internet access on and get connected. The European digital library Manuscriptorium has a new method of providing access to written cultural heritage now. Its users can newly create virtual exhibitions from aggregated documents, complement them by freely available digital data, their own texts or information from other sources. This makes it possible to present historical book collections and the information connected with them to end users in a new way.

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Tomáš Klimek / Senior Researcher / Manuscriptorium – National Library of the Czech Republic.

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