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Information Resources 2001

Update@Ovid 2001

Alastair Cook, Ovid Technologies Ltd; United Kingdom

Ovid Technologies is a leading provider of electronic information to the scientific, medical and corporate markets. New products for 2001 include:

  • Food Science and Technology Abstracts, a database for the food industry and academic institutions with food science or nutrition programs
  • Crossref support for Ovid OpenLinks - soon you will be able to link from Ovid bibliographic databases to publishers in Crossref such as Elsevier and Wiley
  • MedWeaver, a differential diagnosis tool to help clinicians improve patient outcomes

Find out more about these products and how Ovid's full range of bibliographic databases, full text journals in Journals@Ovid, electronic textbooks in Books@Ovid, evidence-based medicine resources such as Clinical Evidence and EBMR, and clinical tools make Ovid the ideal solution.

Ovid Technologies’ aim is to become the global leader in STM (Science, Technology & Medicine) knowledge management in order to improve research, education and patient care.

Ovid’s solution aggregates premium content (bibliographic databases, electronic full-text journals, electronic books), and then integrate the powerful search functionalities of the Ovid software and content with other systems, such as OPAC’s, document ordering services, and through OpenLinks (which is the ability to link to online content not hosted by Ovid, but on other publishers web-sites).

Ovid has over 90 databases, 400 electronic journals (and the ability to link to over 5,000 other journals), and more than 30 electronic books. For the clinician Ovid also provides essential and valuable Evidence Based Medicine resources and decision support tools. The Ovid software enhances the users ability to search and retrieve the content they are looking for. The figure in this abstract describes graphically how Ovid can integrate and customise to the individual needs of the librarian and the end-user.

In summary, Ovid provides the aggregation of key bibliographic and full text content and is also the world’s leading aggregator of EBM resources. Ovid provides superior retrieval and alerting software which is a proven technology (with a dedicated online infra-structure) that leads users to accurate, relevant results and assists integration with the library’s services and their own full text agreements. Ovid offers a service to tailor and customise the environment to meet local needs.

Alastair Cook is the Ovid Technologies Area Manager for Benelux, the Nordic countries, and Eastern Europe. He joined the company in November 2000. Alastair has over 10 year of experience in the Academic Publishing/Internet industry, having previously worked for Elsevier Science for 7 years in a variety of capacities in Europe and South East Asia, and, immediately prior to joining Ovid, also worked for Ingenta Ltd, an aggregator of full-text electronic journals and creator of online E-communities.


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