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Library Automation Solutions

Ultra*Products - The Universal Software Suite for Information Management and Information Access in All Kinds of Networks

Stefan Kerschbaumer, R+R Me▀technik und Handel GmbH; Austria

Common Features of the Ultra*Products:

  • Central administration of all program features and license control by the management tool Ultra*Console
  • Remote administration of the entire system via Intranet and Internet
  • Web browser client Ultra*WEB grants access via Intranet and Internet
  • Unique security interface for user authentication on any existing user databases
  • Ultra*Accounting - the statistic module for evaluation of all user accesses
  • Ultra*Billing - the charging module for charging all user accesses to the end user

Ultra*Net - The ideal system for network access of CD┤s, DVD┤s and online databases in networks without the need of local software installations. Easy user access via Web browser.

Ultra*Access - The access software for online media and e-journals allows authorized users world wide direct and transparent access. The Windows 2000 based solution includes an accounting module for access statistics and a billing module for charging the access to the user.

Ultra*Explorer - The centrally configurable Web explorer with security interface to existing user databases allows the system administrator to control and restrict the network user access to Internet resources


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