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Information for the Corporate Sector and Competitive Intelligence

Business Intelligence Databases from the Economist Intelligence Unit

Catherine Sealey, Economist Intelligence Unit; United Kingdom

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) is a comprehensive and independent source of global data and analysis on world markets. Our network of over 500 analysts continuously assess and forecast the political, economic and business conditions in 195 countries, and brief our clients on the latest business intelligence.

This presentation will introduce INFORUM 2001 attendees to the EIU's range of business intelligence services, and demonstrate how they can be used by businesses, government institutions and academic institutions.

This presentation will focus on some of the EIU's new information services, including:

  • EIU ViewsWire-the daily business intelligence service on 195 countries. www.viewswire.com has just been re-launched with the addition of country home pages, and more industry coverage.
  • EIU CountryData-The world's most comprehensive source of global economic indicators and forecasts covers 117 countries and 40 regional aggregates.
  • EIU CountryIndicators-market sizes and growth potential for 60 countries.
  • EIU CityData-pricing on 160 products and services in 129 cities worldwide.

All of the EIU's business intelligence services can be accessed via www.eiu.com


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