INFORUM 2004 Awards

The INFORUM 2004 Awards were awarded to the most important Czech and Slovak products, services or acts related to electronic information resources of a great importance to the Czech and Slovak information communities since January 2003. The awards were announced at the INFOCONCERT festive evening in the Chapel of Mirrors of the Klementinum Palace on May 26.

INFORUM 2004 Awards

Cenami INFORUM 2004 byly oceněny následující z nejvýznamnějších a nejlepších českých a slovenských produktů, služeb nebo činů spojených s elektronickými informačními zdroji s významem pro českou, resp. slovenskou oblast v období od ledna 2003. Výsledky hlasování o Ceny INFORUM 2004 byly slavnostně vyhlášeny a předány na INFOKONCERTu dne 26. 5. 2004.

Cena pro projekt Infolib InfoLib - Portal for Library and Information Theory and Practise
Co-operative website project aimed at library and information specialists is operated by a consortium of multiple partners lead by the Association of Slovak Librarians, the Centre of Scientific and Technical Information and the editorial board of IT-Lib magazine, sponsored by the Open Society Fund in Bratislava. The portal provides wide functionality incl. support to interactice communication. Each topic is supervised and edited by (voluntary) members of the editorial board.
Cena pro projekt Memoria/Manuscriptorum MEMORIA / Manuscriptorum
The Manuscriptorium database is both attractive and useful access path to results of the rare books and manuscripts digitizing projects in the Czech Republic. It provides access to over 1000 fully digitized manuscripts and old books and also to detailed descriptions of tens thousands other historic books, as the project is open to import any useful information in this field. Provides powerful search options, high quality data, updated contents and presents a unique opportunity for expert researchers and education.
Cena pro projekt Portál veřejné správy České republiky Portal of Public Administration of the Czech Republic
The Portal of Public Administration by the Ministry of Informatics of the Czech Republic is an electronic gateway to the world of administration in the Czech Republic. It aims to help citizens to orientate themselves and to communicate to the public administration. The basis of the portal today is formed by 4 intelinked databases: 1) Legislation 2) Directory of Subjects in the Public Administration 3) The Catalogue of Life Situations 4) Submissions.
Cena pro projekt is an activity of Albertina icome Praha s.r.o. The user's IP address is automatically identified by the homepage so the actual list of available (paid) electronic resources is displayed. So every user gets it's own "gateway to information resources". The project aims to provide easier rientation in electronic resources, to inform users about news, updates and support material available to each resource, to centralize information on access to resources and to make it easier to coordinate large consortium licences. An important part of the project is to provide feedback among users, coordinators, publishers and the AiP technical support.


Anyone was able to make a nomination to the INFORUM AWARD via a www form (in Czech) until 25. 2. 2004.


Conference participants voted for the nominated products etc. on their conference applications. The most voted nominations were then awarded the INFORUM 2004 Delegates Awards. The deadline for voting was the same as the registration deadline - 29. 3. 2004.

Apart from that, the INFORUM 2004 Committee Award was awarded in order to give a chance also to the most innovative and breaking service or performance (i.e. not necessarily the most important in general).