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Conference Opening
Session coordinator: Vladimír Karen,  Albertina icome Praha s.r.o.
Where: 25. 5. 2004, 11:00 - 13:00, New Auditorium

Quality Considerations for Information Professionals

Author: Marydee Ojala,  ONLINE: The Leading Magazine for Information Professionals, USA


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The notion of information quality is one of long-standing concern for information professionals. Established norms exist for evaluating information sources. Librarians know to look for reliable publishers, timely data, and relevant resources. We distrust startup companies offering "the latest and greatest" -- at least until they prove themselves. We are skeptical of sources that purport to be authoritative, but may not be so in actuality. At the same time, our influence over both researchers and casual searchers in our organizations is waning. How can we, as information professionals, convince non information professionals to practice "safe search"? How can we lead them to authoritative sources? How can we convince them that information integrity is important? How can we instill in our colleagues the same information quality concerns that we have?

About the author

Marydee Ojala edits ONLINE: The Leading Magazine for Information Professionals and writes its business research column ("The Dollar Sign"). Since 1987, Ojala has owned and operated her own research and writing company with offices in the U.S. and Denmark, specializing in international business, industry analysis, management processes, and competitive intelligence projects. She contributes feature articles and news stories to Information Today, Searcher, and Information Today's NewsBreaks. A long-time observer of the information industry, she speaks frequently at iconferences such as Web Search University, Online Information (London, UK), Internet Librarian International, and national library meetings outside the U.S. Her professional career began at BankAmerica Corporation, San Francisco, directing a worldwide program of research and information services. She has also worked in the academic libraries of West Virginia University and Stanford University. Ojala is an active member of the Association of Independent Information Professionals and Special Libraries Association. She also belongs to the Society for Competitive Intelligence Professionals and American Library Association. Her undergraduate degree is from Brown University and her MLS was earned at the University of Pittsburgh.

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