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The 12th annual conference of INFORUM that deals with professional electronic information resources for research, development, education and business purposes will be held from May 23 to May 25, 2006 in Prague. Since 2003 the original territorial focus on the Czech Republic and Slovakia has been expanded to the other Central and Eastern European countries and it has become the main event in this field in the region. The conference is attended especially by information professionals from special and public libraries, private corporations and state agencies, IT managers, physicians, lawyers, university teachers and students (see the chart below).


The conference is organized by Albertina icome Praha s.r.o., the leading distributor of electronic information resources in the Czech and Slovak Republic, and the University of Economics. The INFOPARTY social evening is organized in co-operation with the National Library of the Czech Republic.

The conference programme is prepared by the committee whose members are information specialists working on the areas covered at the conference.

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The INFORUM (hence called "Infomedia") started in 1995 as the main side-event of BookWorld, the book fair in Prague, and was the first conference on professional information resources in the Czech Republic. The event moved from the Prague Exhibition Area to the freshly opened New Auditorium of the University of Economics. It also changed it's name to INFORUM at the same time.

Last year 622 participants were registered at INFORUM, 75 papers were delivered and 26 companies presented their products at the exhibition.

INFORUM 2005 participants by the type of institution
INFORUM 2005 participants by the type of institution

Conference programme

The main three-day conference programme is composed of several topic sessions that include also invited papers and company/product presentations in order to provide participants with overall overview of the given topic.


The conference is usually accompanied by workshops organized on Monday May 22, before the official opening of the conference.

Live videobroadcasting from the conference

Live videobroadcasting and online reporting covering the programme of the INFORUM 2006 conference will be available at www.ikaros.cz and www.inforum.cz/inforum2006/english.

In case of videobroadcasting, you could choose between the original commentary of the speaker and its simultaneous interpretation. The official languages of the conference are Czech and English. The online reporting will be published in Czech only.

Both projects are implemented by the Ikaros professional electronic journal www.ikaros.cz in cooperation with organisers of the conference - Albertina icome Praha and University of Economics in Prague and kindly supported by Nature Publishing Group and Sefira. Technical support is provided by CESNET.

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Infoconcert & Infoparty

The INFORUM social evening, which is co-organized by the Czech National Library, will take place in the historical Klementinum Palace - the seat of the Czech National Library - in the evening of Wednesday May 24. The first part - INFOCONCERT - will be held in the Chappel of Mirrors. It will be followed by the INFOPARTY - a buffet reception at the courtyard of Klementinum (or corridors in case of rain). For capacity reasons in the Chapel of Mirrors, INFOCONCERT may be attended only by speakers, exhibitors and other invited VIP guests, while the INFOPARTY will be to all INFORUM participants.

INFORUM 2006 Awards

Since 1999 INFORUM Awards have been awarded to the best Czech and Slovak projects concerning electronic information resources and relevant products. The awards will be announced at the INFOCONCERT.


The INFORUM has been complemented by an exhibition that will be taken place in the foyer of the New Auditorium. Presenting companies include:

For INFORUM 2006 Participants..


If you need further information on the conference, please do not hesitate to contact us:
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