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Session coordinator: Jakub Petřík,  Albertina icome Praha s.r.o., Czech Republic
Where: 23. 5. 2006, - 25. 5. 2006, entry between New Auditorium and Rajska Building

Out of the Scratch, Into the Blue? Considerations upon Designing of a New Digital Library [poster/contribution]

Author: Henryk Hollender,  Warsaw University of Technology, Poland


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A new digital library, when carefully designed for an organization/community and compiled of the top quality materials, can almost replace a traditional or hybrid library, usually burdened with amassed useless documents. Few digital libraries, however, are transparent and articulate on their expected target audience and the subject structure of their contents. The strategic dimension of those libraries is often overwhelmed by the "scan/license what you can" approach, the budgeting restrictions blur vision and discourage strategic planning, and the flexibility of tools employed makes the editorial team endlessly postpone important decisions on functionalities and appearance of the database, thus inviting bad searching habits. Numerous small digital libraries around may for long remain heavily underused and misunderstood, validating the ironic "publish and perish" slogan.

The Collection of Local Electronic Holdings developed within Poland’s biggest university of technology (Warsaw) is a case study of how to avoid this fate. The stress is put on economic conditions of the project, the navigation techniques and metadata set adopted, and the prospects for the growth against the background of Poland’s patterns in library policy and library cooperation.

About the author

Digital Library Coordinator, Warsaw University of Technology (since 2005); contract lecturer in Collegium Civitas, Warsaw, and the Warsaw University. Formerly: Digital Library Coordinator, Warsaw University’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Computational and Mathematical Modelling (2004); Director, Warsaw University Library (1992-2003); lecturer in Library Science, Warsaw University’s Institute for Library and Information Science (1977-1992). Library Science graduate from Warsaw University (1974). Postgraduate work in Journalism (Warsaw University, 1976) and Library Science (Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, 1986). PhD in the History of the Book, Warsaw University. Main areas of interest: union catalogs, online catalogs for special collections, planning of new library buildings and services, history and future of communications. Author of over 100 papers in professional journals published in several countries.

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Fulltext Databases of Theses and Dissertations – Free Access to Valuable Source of Specialized Information [contribution]

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Providing Full-texts and Factual Data [contribution]

Author: Rostislav Kudláček, Information Specialist, Czech Republic

The Digitization and Digital Collections in Research and Archival Libraries in Estonia [poster / contribution]

Author: Helle Maaslieb, Estonian Literary Museum Archival Library, Estonia

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The European Library - Project TEL-ME-MOR [poster / contribution]

Author: Eva Marvanová, National Library of the Czech Republic

Investing in Knowledge for Heritage Management: DIHELIA E-Portal Project [contribution]

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Co-author: Eva Delgado, Pablo Campoy

Information System Media Education (ISM): Networking for a New Digital Reference Tool [poster / contribution]

Author: Heike vom Orde, Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation (BR), Germany

SciTech Navigator [poster / contribution]

Author: Alena Paulíková, Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information, Slovakia

Access to Information Resources from the View of ten Years Experience [contribution]

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Co-author: Svobodová Věra / MZLU v Brně

Information Support of Business Processes - Expectation and Reality [poster / contribution]

Author: Tomáš Rain, Czech University of Agriculture in Prague, Czech Republic

Co-author: Ivana Švarcová

Polythematic Structured Subject Heading System as a Tool to Organize Electronic Information Resources by Subject [poster / contribution]

Author: Linda Skolková, State Technical Library in Prague, Czech Republic

Co-author: Markéta Máliková /Státní technická knihovna, Lucie Šmídová / Vysoká škola chemicko-technologická v Praze, Ústav informačních studií a knihovnictví FF UK

Electronic Portal for Local Government ePUSA [poster / contribution]

Author: Jaroslav Svoboda, Ministry of Interior - Department on Public Administration Informatics, Czech Republic

Open Access to Scientific Information – What It Will Bring to the Libraries and Who Will Pay for It? [contribution]

Author: Martin Vítů, Charles University - Institute of Librarianship and Information Studies, Czech Republic

Creating of Effective Information System for Wood Processing Sector [poster / contribution]

Author: Alena Zuzánková, Pulp and Paper Research Institute, Slovakia

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