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Digitization Information Fund Technical Library Specializing in Science Wood Processing

Alena Zuzánková, Pulp and Paper Research Institute, Slovak Republic
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There are more reasons to support the digitization of long-term collected information fund in the Pulp Paper Research Institute. These information materials are focused on technical literature in the field of wood processing and are now in the region unique. The most important is to make available collect information to professional public to raise awareness about technical innovations in the field.

Second, no less important reason is the preservation and dissemination of selected electronic information materials without the possibility of damage. Moreover to accessing electronic information materials through the web site promotes their use for marketing the library.

Author's professional CV

The author Ing. Zuzánková Alena, graduated from the Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology Technical University, Bratislava, Slovakia, specialization in chemical technology of wood, pulp and paper. In the years 1968 – 1978 worked in research, focusing on the development of new technologies of paper and paperboard. Since 1978 until now working in the field of scientific – technical and economic information at the Pulp and Paper Research Institute, Bratislava, Slovakia, as head of the Information Center. She provides full search of work and study as a basis for dealing with reports and research projects.

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