Andrejčíková Nadežda

From Collections Processing to Ontologies


Anguelova Krassimira

The New Generation of CABI Compendia


Antonic Sanja

Open Access in a Developing Country

(Co-authors:  Aleksandra Popovic, Stela Filipi Matutinovic, University of Belgrade - University Library "Svetozar Markovic", Serbia)

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Baťa Jan

Electronic Information Resources within Lectures of Musicology at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague

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Beard Romy

New ebrary Technologies for University Education

(Co-authors:  Christopher Warnock, ebrary, USA)


Blakeman Karen

2010 Search Engine Wars: Let Battle Commence

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Using Social Media to Promote Your Library's Services

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Brzulovic Stanisavljevic Tatjana

Education of Serbian Librarians in the Field of Author`s Rights Protection and Freedom of Information

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Craciun Florin

Summon - The Google Experience for Your Library

Doležalová Antonie

A Little Bit Different Seminar: To Be His Own Librarian

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Fabián Ondřej

Electronic Information Resources Popularization Tools at Tomas Bata University in Zlin

(Co-authors:  Olga Biernátová, Tomas Bata University in Zlín, Czech Republic)

Presentation • Full text

Fürstová Iveta

National Repository of Grey Literature

(Co-authors:  Petra Pejšová, National Technical Library, Czech Republic)

Presentation • Full text

Gorraiz Juan

Bibliometric practices and activities at the University of Vienna

(Co-authors:  Christian Gumpenberger, Wolfgang Mayer, University of Vienna, Library and archive services, Bibliometrics Department, Austria )


Guinand Michel

OECD iLibrary: An Overview


Helinsky Zuzana

Materials for WORKSHOP B

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Herrmann Guido F.

10 Hypotheses about the Current State and the Future of Scientific Publishing


Hindls Richard

Welcome Address

Chudán David

Does Search 2.0 Reflect New Users' Needs or It´s Vice Versa?

(Co-authors:  Vilém Sklenák, University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic)

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Karen Vladimír

Opening Address

Presentation • Full text

Closing Address


Kocourek Pavel

The Kramerius 4 Project: What Is Kept Hidden


From Searching Toward Discovering

Konvalinková Blanka

E-database: Where Can We Get Money for It?

Presentation • Full text

Kožuchová Kristýna

Polythematic Structured Subject Heading System and its Potential in the Area of Indexing and Searching Web Documents

(Co-authors:  Ctibor Škuta, National Technical Library, Czech Republic)

Presentation • Full text

Kroftová Věra

Trends in Subject Categories of WOK (JCR) in 1998-2008 and the Role of the Categories in Current Evaluation of R&D Results

Presentation • Full text

Krušinský Rostislav

EOD - eBooks on Demand

(Co-authors:  Kateřina Kamrádková, National Technical Library / Věra Pospíšilíková, Moravian Library, Czech Republic)

Presentation • Full text

Lawrence Eileen

How Students and Faculty are Using Streaming Media in the Classroom: How Does a “Playlist” Become an Online Publication or Course?


Lhoták Martin

Digitization Registry CZ

(Co-authors:  Tomáš Foltýn, National Library of Czech Republic)


Lozanova-Belcheva Elitsa

Public Access to E-government Information Resources - The Role of Library and Information Specialists

Presentation • Poster

Marcinek Marzena

E-resources – Value Added by Libraries to Enhance Usage

(Co-authors:  Urszula Matoga, Dorota Lipińska, Cracow University of Technology Library, Poland)

Presentation • Full text

Medo Lubomír

Beck-online: New Trend in the Way of Working with Professional Resources

Měřínská Eva

Library on Click

(Co-authors:  Lenka Hanzlíková, Klára Sušická, Municipal Library of Prague, Czech Republic)

Presentation • Full text

Milanova Milena

E-publishing in Bulgaria. The Role of Libraries as an Active Partner in the Scholarly Communications

Presentation • Full text

Murawski Krzysztof

Electronic Resources for Teaching and Research Cycle


RefWorks 2.0 - The New User Interface


Němečková Lenka

The Use of Citation Indexes for Presenting University Results

(Co-authors:  Marta Machytková, Ilona Trtikova, Vera Pilecka, Czech Technical University in Prague - Central Library, Czech Republic)

Presentation • Full text

Neuroth Michael

The Value of (Electronic) Content for Research Productivity


Novotná Eva

Database Geographical Bibliography of the Czech Republic Online

Presentation • Full text

Ostrowska Aneta

Informetric Evaluation of Bulletin EBIB

Presentation • Full text • Poster

Papíková Vendula

Translation of Scientific Knowledge into Clinical Practice with the Use of Web 2.0

(Co-authors:  Miroslav Zvolský, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic - Institute of Computer Science - Centre of Biomedical Informatics)

Presentation • Poster

Petřík Jakub

Trust the right forwarder to ship your information cargo


Planková Jindra

Components and Factors of „Open Access“ – Applying to Provision of Professional and Scientific Information

Presentation • Full text

Potáček Jiří

Informative Sources and Lifelong Learning

Presentation • Full text

Prochásková Iva

The Potential of Scopus in the Evaluation of Research Outputs

Presentation • Full text

Psohlavec Tomáš

Manuscriptorium in Europe


Ráb Petr

Evaluation in Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic - Past, Present and Future

(Co-authors:  Ivana Laiblová Kadlecová, Academy of Sciences Library, Czech Republic )


Rückebeil Ariane

The Future of eBooks


Sherman Chris

Find What I Mean, Not What I Type


Materials for WORKSHOP A


Sklenák Vilém

Google. Bing, Wolfram|Alpha, Seznam - Winners and Losers in Neverending Battle - and Where is User?

Presentation • Full text

Sydow Karsten

eBooks and Knowledge Portals for Academic Libraries


Šilhánek Jaroslav

Review of First Ten Years of 21st Century in Area of Scientific Information

Presentation • Full text

Škandera Boris

Our World is Illustrated

Presentation • Full text • Full text

Špála Milan

Web Sites, Electronic Information Resources and Information Education: Cross-disciplinary View


Štogr Jakub

Non-traditional Information Resources in Education: The Impact of Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) to Information Resources and Evaluation of Knowledge Transfer

Presentation • Full text

Timotijevic Tatjana

How Librarian Can Make Bibliographic Record More Useful: Put Together WoS, Scopus and SCIndeks Data

(Co-authors:  Biljana Kosanovic, National Library of Serbia - Center for Scientific Information)

Presentation • Full text

Tkačíková Daniela

OpenAIRE Project: A Challenge and Opportunity for the Czech Republic

Presentation • Full text

van Berckelaer Focko Robbert

SpringerLink 2010

(Co-authors:  Elwin Gardeur, Springer SBM, Germany)


Vavříková Lucie

Evaluation of European Research – Information Sources, Methods and Results

(Co-authors:  Lenka Havlíčková, Technology Centre Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic)

Presentation • Full text

Vojnar Martin

Primo Central - Your Universe of Scholar Information

Presentation • Full text

Vojtášek Filip

Facebook versus a Web Page


vom Orde Heike

We Have Evidence, They are Learning!“ How to Enable Students to Become Media Literate Users of Electronic Information Resources

Presentation • Full text

Warnock Christopher

What Can You Do with a Word?


Webber Sheila

Information Literacy for the 21st Century

Presentation • Full text

Zuzánková Alena

Digitization Information Fund Technical Library Specializing in Science Wood Processing

Presentation • Full text

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