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Tools and Ways Used for the Evaluation of Results of Research and Development

Session coordinator: Ivana Laiblová Kadlecová, Academy of Sciences Library, Czech Republic

Time and venue: May 27, 8:30 AM - 12:05 PM, Vencovsky Aula

The Potential of Scopus in the Evaluation of Research Outputs

Iva Prochásková, University of Pardubice, Czech Republic
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The Council for Research, Development and Innovation decided in 2008 that the database Scopus should serve as an important resource for evaluation of research activities in the Czech Republic. In accordance with this decision, the purchase of the licence for research organisations has been included in the grant program INFOZ. The article deals with the possibilities and limits of Scopus for these purposes and demonstrates it on the case of the University of Pardubice. It includes the comparison of Scopus and Web of Science in this field as well.

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Author is head of the University Library at the University of Pardubice. Besides the organization and management of the library she deals with electronic information resources, their use for the evaluation of published research outputs and setting up institutional repositories. She has carried out a number of project and is experienced in project evaluation. She is a president of the Association of Libraries of Czech Universities.

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