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Session coordinator: Jakub Petřík, Albertina icome Praha s.r.o., Czech Republic

Time and venue: May 26, 9:00 AM - 9:35 AM, Auditorium D

Education of Serbian Librarians in the Field of Author`s Rights Protection and Freedom of Information

Tatjana Brzulovic Stanisavljevic, University of Belgrade - University Library "Svetozar Markovic", Serbia
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Contradiction between intellectual property world policy and freedom of information as a basic human right are nowadays a top subject in the world of librarianship. The law concerning author’s rights in Serbia is favorable to libraries because it permits them to give all kind of information and lend their members everything they have in their collections in any format except for commercial usage. It is very important to emphasize that librarians should be familiar with the world policy and praxis, to avoid the possibility of putting their users in unfavorable position because of the ignorance on the subject.

Serbian librarianship has a representative in the group for intellectual property of the international library consortium eIFL. Through the membership in European association of research libraries – LIBER and International federation of library association – IFLA it is also connected with world trends and discussions concerning the library rights and rights of their members to use for non-commercial needs all the publications from library collections.

Principle of universal availability of publications as a part of human right to freedom of information is endangered nowadays by publisher’s re­quests to exclude electronic publications from the international interlibrary loan system and to introduce many new restrictions concerning their use. Through its representatives, Serbian librarianship is actively included in international activities for protection of library user’s rights, and through the educations for librarians and researchers it is working on the explanation of these problems to the people in Serbia.

Author's professional CV

Tatjana Brzulovic Stanisavljevic was born in 1965, senior librarian, graduated from the Faculty of political science in Belgrade, in the 1988. Since 1996. has been working in cataloguing in Belgrade University Library. She participates in Austrian library at Belgrade University Library. Chief of the Acquisition and Cataloguing Department since it was formed in 2007. The end of the 2008. She became a Coordinator for the Copyright and Intellectual Property in International Association eIFL.

Currently she is on position Head of Book Acquisition and Cataloguing Sector. Active member of the Association of Serbian Librarians and she is a president of University library branches and Academic libraries of Belgrade. She participated on several domestic and international conferences. She is author of several articles on Serbian and English language in national and international professional periodicals.

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