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ProArc - Open Source Solutions for Digital Documents Production and Archiving


Martina Nezbedová, Academy of Sciences Library, Czech Republic

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ProArc – the production and archiving system is freely available tool for producing and editing descriptive, technical and administrative metadata to digitized and born digital documents. The system allows you to create import data for the Kramerius system. One of the outputs are PSP packages created according to NDK standards of the National Library. ProArc system has been developed by the Library of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in collaboration with INCAD, which provides programming and analytical work. Since 2013, when the system was fully deployed in the Digitalization Centre of the Academy of Sciences Library, more than 400,000 pages of different types of documents have been processed . Currently, the system is also being implemented in other institutions. The archive section is being developed that will allow connection to the Archivematica system. ProArc will be presented from the perspective of the processor.

ProArc system is one of the outputs of the Czech Digital Library project. The aim of the project is to create a single interface of digital libraries in the Czech Republic for end users and to provide data for international projects. The project is funded by the NAKI programme of the Ministry of Culture.

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Mgr. Martina Nezbedová has been working in the Digitalization Centre of the Academy of Sciences Library since 2009. She studied History of Literary Culture at the Faculty of Arts, University of Pardubice. She is involved in the Czech Digital Library project.

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