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Measuring Discovery: The Impact of Discovery Systems on Journal Usage


Michael Levine-Clark, University of Denver Libraries, United States

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Academic Libraries have implemented discovery systems to allow users a single tool to search across library resources. These implementations are designed to change user behavior, pushing them to a new tool that searches everything at once. This study examines 33 libraries, and shows how usage changed after deployment of discovery systems. Early phases of the study have looked at the impact on publisher-hosted and aggregator-hosted journals. Future phases will add in other content types. As we better understand how usage changes we can begin to explore why that change is occurring and how to make smarter implementation and configuration decisions to maximize the value of discovery systems.

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Michael Levine-Clark is the Associate Dean for Scholarly Communication and Collections Services at the University of Denver Libraries. He is the co-editor of the Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences 4th ed. He writes and speaks regularly on strategies for improving academic library collection development practices, including the use of e-books in academic libraries, the development of demand-driven acquisition models, and implications of discovery tool implementation.

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