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Making Sense of E-Books: Navigating Models of Access and Ownership


Michael Levine-Clark, University of Denver Libraries, United States

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Demand-driven acquisition. Evidence-based selection. Subscriptions. Perpetual access. Short-term loans. Packages. Title-by-title. Publisher platforms. Aggregators. Single-user. Multiple-user. Librarians are faced with a dizzying array of choices about how to provide e-books to their communities. There are multiple e-book models and a wide range of providers to work with, none of which will provide access to every e-book. Which is right for your library and for your patrons? How do you select the right e-book models? When does it make sense to work with multiple vendors and how can that be done as efficiently as possible? Acquiring e-books is an exercise in compromises – about efficiency, digital rights management, choice of titles, cost, and user experience – and librarians need to understand their choices in order to provide their users with the e-books they need.

This workshop will provide an in-depth overview of the multiple models, examining the pros and cons of each, and allowing librarians to better determine the right mix for their own institution. Attendees at this session will gain a deeper understanding of how the various e-book models function and which provide the most value in terms of long-term stability, ease of access, staff time, choice and flexibility, cost, and usage.

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Michael Levine-Clark is the Associate Dean for Scholarly Communication and Collections Services at the University of Denver Libraries. He is the co-editor of the Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences 4th ed. He writes and speaks regularly on strategies for improving academic library collection development practices, including the use of e-books in academic libraries, the development of demand-driven acquisition models, and implications of discovery tool implementation.

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